Councilwoman Anissa Moore, Councilman John Bendo & Councilman Scott Mandel sent Lame Ducks a letter to maintain status quo with bunch of city-related things.

The following email was sent to all current City Council Members & acting City Manager. It was also publicly posted on the Facebook pages of Councilwoman Anissa Moore, Councilman John Bendo & Councilman Scott Mandel.

Given the results of yesterday’s City Council primary election, the following email was sent to the Acting City Manager this morning. It is our intention to ensure our residents and our City employees that our City workforce will continue to provide quality services to the community within a safe and fair work environment.

Wed 6/26/19 10:21 AM
To: Robert Agostisi; Anthony Eramo; Chumi Diamond; Anissa Moore; Scott Mandel; John Bendo

ACM Agostisi,

Effective today, the status quo will be maintained regarding City employee personnel matters. This is including but not limited to:
• No new hiring or firing
• No grade changes
• No promotions or demotions
• No awarding of new stipends or changing the amounts of current ones
• No moving of exempt employees into union positions
• No title changes
• No transfers from one department to another
• No approval of separation and/or termination payments beyond contractual obligations or those listed in the City Charter and Code of Ordinances.

None of the listed actions will occur without prior consultation with the entire City Council and approval of a majority of the Council

Councilman John Bendo Councilman Scott Mandel Councilwoman Anissa Moore

Democratic Primary Day is Today! GO OUT AND VOTE!

Hey folks, if you are a registered democrat, please go out and VOTE! Today is the day! You know where to go. You know what to do!

By the way, I have a confession to make. Stick around either later tonight or tomorrow and all will be revealed.

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“The Test Results are Negative for E Coli. Boil Water order is lifted effective immediately.”

“The Test Results are Negative for E Coli. Boil Water order is lifted effective immediately.” – Howard Zucker New York State Department of Health. Via Press Conference on Monday, June 24th at Long Beach City Hall.

I will post the video as soon as I can. Folks, do yourselves a favor and run the water in your house for about ten minutes before you use it.

Bottled water is now being distributed throughout Long Beach [E Coli / Water Bacteria Update]

From our City’s website:

6/21/19 – 3:00pm Beginning at approximately 4pm, 15 pallets of bottled water are being distributed at the following three locations: East School (on Neptune Boulevard), Kennedy Plaza (in front of City Hall), & Long Beach Catholic Regional School (Penn Street Playground). Please park legally and allow the workers to unload safely.

The Sign Guy is Back!

Elections are in the air, which means Richard “the sign guy” on Monroe and Olive is up to his old tricks with plenty of us to read and contemplate.

Richard tells me that his signs are meant to make the public aware of serious issues, plus to energize us to hit the polls. Primary elections generally get low numbers, so please don’t forget to VOTE this Tuesday, June 25th!

It might be a little too late now, but how about a sign contest for the November Election? Show us your best original political signs! Email me here.

Long Beach Herald: D.A.’s Long Beach payout probe ‘comprehensive’

“Investigators from the Nassau County district attorney’s office have questioned a number of current and former Long Beach City Council members and officials over the past year about separation payouts to employees when they left city government, according to multiple sources close to the investigation.

Additionally, officials from the D.A.’s office have subpoenaed hundreds of documents from City Hall, including emails and personnel records. “

Read more at the Long Beach Herald: D.A.’s Long Beach payout probe ‘comprehensive’

WOW! Time to make some popcorn!!

It will cost us $178,500 (our budget for this is actually $154,000), But Long Beach Finally has a Comptroller

A what?

Comptroller (noun): a public official who audits government accounts and sometimes certifies expenditures

Yep! After two long years we finally got one!

“Acting City Manager Rob Agostisi hired Nassau Community College vice president of finance Inna Reznik to oversee the city’s finances and help prepare next year’s budget.

Reznik, 48, of Bellmore, will be paid $178,500 and start her new job on July 8. Her hiring does not require city council approval, but she met with several council members before she was hired. The comptroller has to live within 50 miles of Long Beach.

Read more at Long Beach hires comptroller after two-year vacancy