There was an alleged gas mixup at a local gas station. Anybody else experience this? [Reader Question]

bacteria-tests-offer-green-fuel-hope173From a reader of the blog:
“My husband and I recently filled up our gas tank at [a local gas station], immediately had car trouble and was told by our dealership that diesel fuel was found in the gas tank. We frequent this gas station and there is no way we accidentally put the diesel nozzle in our tank (nor would it fit!). We’ve been over there and asked repeatedly if there was a mix up of gas / diesel or if anyone else has come forward, but they have denied it.
This mixup has cost us close to $2K and we would love to know if anyone else in Long Beach has been affected.

Reader question regarding heavy police presence on Park Avenue going east

A reader writes:
“Did you or anyone else notice the abundance of police officers on Park Avenue ticketing drivers for God knows what? Must of been 5 maybe 6 cop cars, a motorcycle and one guy on foot.

Is this the response to the $19M lawsuit?

Maybe it’s a city fundraiser, but I really think it’s a response to school being open. I’m happy seeing the the heavy enforcement. There are so many cars speeding that way with kids trying to cross the streets = dangerous situation. I wish the LBPD did it more often.

Without any name calling or finger pointing, can somebody please explain this comment? [Flood Map Info]

“Yes, Wow! My flood insurance is getting a 5% reduction on top of the 25% annual increase. Great work, Long Beach. NYC fought the flood maps and as a result, their flood plain is three feet higher than ours. So while a guy in Rockaway Beach doesn’t have to pay the flood “tax”, we’re looking at $4,000+ per year soon.

I’m interested in the NYC portion. This comment was posted somewhere on this blog.

UPDATE: Ok, a friend of mine just sent this link:

What are the best takeout options with beach delivery?

A reader asks:

“Can you tell me the best takeout options in the area to deliver to the beach during the Thursday Beatles tribute concert? Thanks.

I haven’t done beach delivery in years. Pita Grill doesn’t exist anymore, so I don’t have any suggestions. Fellow readers, what are your favorites?

And wouldn’t this be a great time for a pizza delivery drone?  You all ignored this idea last time I posted, but I’m telling you it’s going to be big.


Should lifeguards be on duty after 6pm?

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 11.20.47 AM

LB HERALD: Long Beach must rethink sending lifeguards home at 6 p.m.

What do you folks think? We see droves of people going to the beach after 6pm when the lifeguards are off duty and the beach is free. The LBPD does a wonder job patrolling and clearing the ocean, but these freebees go right back in as soon the the patrol leaves.

I know we discussed this topic years ago when there was a rip current incident, but here we are again. Should lifeguards be on duty after 6pm?


Question: Would you be interested in joining a lawsuit on behalf of the taxpayers against iStar?

One resident (whose name will probably be identified if and when he comments) is very interested in bringing on lawsuit against iStar, for what he calls “bait & switch tactics by iStar against us taxpayers.”

Basically, iStar first tells us they need to build these towers an unprecedented height in order for it to be sustainable. After that was granted, iStar pulls the IDA card looking for tax abatements, basically saying they need these breaks or they can’t build….. but they should have told us that when they first announced this development, no? Anyway, this IDA request came as a major shock to many residents still trying to survive in our post-Sandy city.

While this is all talk for now, how many of you would seriously be interested in joining and/or even contributing to a lawsuit on behalf of the taxpayers against iStar? Raise your hands.




Q: Do we need garbage receptacles on the side streets?

Last Friday was a very busy beach day. I’m hearing it was one of the busiest in Long Beach history. We got to enjoy lots of traffic, illegally parked cars and blah blah blah. Talk amongst yourselves with those issues. I, on the other hand, just want to use this blog to send a big THANK YOU to the out-of-towner with the Mercedes who left that half eaten sandwich on my front lawn. It was delicious…

Anyway, Do we need garbage receptacles on the side streets? The main roads have them, but the more residential areas get just as dirty. What do you think?