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Baked by the Ocean: Coming Soon to the West End

Hey look, a new bakery is coming to Long Beach over at 919 W. Beech Street. They are currently under construction, most recently busting a window through a wall to being in more sunlight (I like that!)  Sorry I don’t have any further information, but I’m excited!  You can follow their progress over at

Baked by the Ocean
919 W. Beech Street
Long Beach, NY 11561

Island Thyme is finally opening this Monday, May 7th!

We’ve all been eagerly waiting for Island Thyme to open for the longest time, right? Their menu just looks fantastic!  Well, they  just announced on Instagram that opening day is this Monday, May 7th at 6am. Yep, they serve breakfast!  I’ve been eying that Butchers Breakfast for months. Fresh Clean Eats On The Go. I cannot wait!

Island Thyme Food Co.
780 W Beech St
Long Beach, NY 11561

LBNY: The City (By The Sea) That Never Sleeps

Long Beach is quickly becoming the City (by the sea) that never sleeps.  So much transition going on with development, food and more food. The following is an incomplete list, but here are a few things happening around town:

Long Beach Diner is Dead. Long live Long Beach Diner! I instagrammed like a month or two ago how the rumor was Greek. Well, here ya go. I do miss the blue facade, but white is better than beige. Always. I cannot wait to try the food!

My unpaid intern Richard Boodman keeps sending me updates on Steven’s Pasta. The latest includes the windows being painted with the restuarant name.  You can tell those LB DOMS are excited for some pasta.

We are all desperately waiting for Island Thyme (780 West Beech St) to finally open. Based on their facebook page, it seems like they will really soon! I cannot wait because their menu looks beyond awesome.

Photo taken from Island Thyme’s website

Annnd Beech Street is getting a place called Breakers Bowls (1048 W. Beech Street) ( All organic acai bowl, smoothie and coffee shop! You can also follow their progress on facebook:

Image from Breaker Bowls facebook page

These Luxury Apartments are on the corner of Lindell and W. Broadway. Expect the neighboring houses to be converted into them as well. I am not here to complain about parking, living in a shadow, losing a water view, etc. If you want to, then go right ahead. I’m just happy to seem some interesting architecture happening. These are funky. I kinda like it.

Bungalow East (631 East Park Avenue) is FINALLY OPEN in their new location!

SBTC unpaid intern Richard Boodman tells me:

“Finally…after many years in the work in progress stage, the Bungalow East has moved to its new location a few doors away. The place is very attractive, and the menu appears very creative..

Bungalow East
631 East Park Avenue
Long Beach, NY 11561

Richard also sent me these blurry photos (that’s why he’s just an unpaid intern) . Well, after years of waiting this is exciting news for the East End food scene. I can’t wait to try the new place out! UPDATE: Rumor has it the old location will eventually become an Ice Cream/Candy place. My sources tell me that’s still years away….

Summer 2017 Beach Concession Map. Looks good, but still no pizza delivery drones.

From: Long Beach, NY. Click on Image for a larger view.

I’m trying to figure out what’s new. Bagel truck? I don’t remember that last year. Wasn’t the Taco Tuesday truck and the Corazon de Cuba truck one and the same? Beach Local Cafe now has ice cream and I hear it’s delicious. Skudin Surf sells food concessions now? (Just kidding). Snowie Long Island sounds new, although my memory is terrible. Don’t forget we have restaurants on Park Avenue and W. Beech Street as well!!  Everything looks set, but still no Pizza delivery drones…  That’s a bummer.