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Rally! Bring Back the Bus [Tuesday, May 1st at 6:30pm. City Hall]

Call to action! Pre-City Council meeting rally – Meet at 6:30 and we’re bringing it into the City Council Meeting at 7pm.

Stand in solidarity with WORKERS, DISABLED, LOW-COME, COMMUTERS, CAR-LESS, DISADVANTAGED and ALL RESIDENTS and visitors on the barrier island who were affected by the CRUEL drastic bus cuts – people were denied their RIGHTS to a public meeting. RALLY and DEMAND our bus services be restored immediately.

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION should never be on the chopping block!!!

Adding insult to injury, the city has been using the municipal bus illegally for private charters at taxpayers expense, while everyday bus riders are left on the curb – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

#bringthebusback #mobilityrights #transportationequity

View Event here: Rally! Bring Back the Bus

Kennedy Plaza Farmers Market: May 5th is Opening Day!

Welcome to the 2018 Farmers Market Season! Long Beach welcomes Local Farmers and Food Artisans to its community and visitors throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons. This is our 10th Anniversary Season and we are celebrating all season long!

Our several vendors include items like: fresh vegetables, bread, fish, iced teas, local beers, oils & tapenades, and baked goods. Cheeses, Vegan and gluten-free items available, too! The Kennedy Plaza Farmers Market runs Saturdays and Wednesdays from 9am -2pm. (Wednesdays will begin May 19th)

Join us for Opening Day on Saturday, May 5th. The Farmers Market is central to “Long Beach Life,” as a community hub, and favorite Beach community event. Help us begin our 10th Anniversary season and enjoy the tastes of Local Long Island.

Saturday, May 5 at 9 AM – 2 PM
Kennedy Plaza Farmersmarket
1 W Chester St, Long Beach, New York 11561

Let’s celebrate Planet Earth before our current President destroys it with his oil drilling at national parks, opening oceans for oil rigs and appointing an oil lobbyist to run the EPA who just lowered mpg requirements so big oil can make $$$$ while the rest of the world is turning to renewable energies, for example China is spending three times more on renewables than the USA, essentially turning the USA into a third world nation, leaving the USA far behind when it comes to future technologies. We could have been leaders when it came to renewables, but our current admin is sending us back to the dark ages. [EARTH DAY CELEBRATION: April 22nd]

Private screening of Waves of Hope, From Long Beach with Love documentary on April 28th.

WAVES OF HOPE, FROM LONG BEACH WITH LOVE: The moving story of how a group of Hurricane Sandy survivors in Long Beach, NY came to aid their fellow Americans in Texas in response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. Originally conceived as a small donation drive by the husband/wife team of Tim & Christina Kramer, their idea blossomed into a massive relief effort by the citizens of Long Beach and surrounding areas. In the end, five large truckloads of donated supplies were driven down to victims of Harvey in Texas and over $40,000 in gift cards were collected, which the Kramers and their Waves of Hope team personally handed out to victims of the storm who needed it the most. Join them on their journey as they bring joy to others in need on the crest of their wave of hope.

There will be a private screening  of the documentary at St. Mary of the Isle (315 E Walnut St, Long Beach, NY 11561) on April 28th. For tickets, please visit:

Waves of Hope USA is a grass roots nonprofit organization providing hand delivered relief after the first responders have moved on. 100% of their collections are hand delivered to the people who need them most. Please help Waves of Hope USA fund their next relief effort by donating today at

Check out the trailer: