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REPORT: George the abandoned bike is missing

Just yesterday I was blogging about the possible two year anniversary of George Takei, the GT bike who occupied the bike rack at the old CitiBank. (see: Abandoned Bike in front of vacant-Citibank celebrating a possible 2-year anniversary. Plus, a copycat has emerged.)

Now a reader is telling me George is missing. If anybody has any information on his whereabouts, please contact me at the SBTC newsroom.  Developing……..

Abandoned Bike in front of vacant-Citibank celebrating a possible 2-year anniversary. Plus, a copycat has emerged.

I took this photo on June 20th, 2016. Posted it in this article, where I wrote:

“By the way, the broken bike in the lower left hand corner has been there since last summer. “

That was last summer from last summer. So two years? Time for cake!

Yesterday on the one year anniversary of that photo, I took another! (Yes, I am crazy).  I am pleased to say GT is looking pretty well. No place to sit, but he still has a nice set of cranks.


A copycat has emerged. Just across the street is this blue beauty. Camouflaged amongst the blue bars of the bike rack we have TREK. It’s been there for at least 4 months. I shall follow its path with great interest.

HEY, I just realized something. GT (possibly named George Takei) and TREK. Anybody see where I am going with this?  In other news, Star Trek: Vulcan’s Soul is available at the Franklin Blvd free library on the boardwalk.

Wooden boards. I’m liking this new store facade that’s been popping up around town.

I guess it started with Pier 1 Imports, then Bikram Yoga did the same when they moved. Now a new hair salon on Park is doing it as well as LB Social. I am talking about wooden boards being used for the facade and signage (see photos below). I really like it. Probably because it reminds me of the boardwalk or perhaps it seems kinda beachy. And ya know, we kinda live by the beach, so it just makes sense to me at least for our downtown to have some sort of beachy motif. Right? Or am I nuts to think that way? I personally dislike canopy signs because they always end up looking so dirty and junky over time. What do you folks think? Am I alone with this? I would love it if other stores follow!

Broken Windows epidemic? This time it’s sidewalk graffiti [Reader Submitted]

Sent in by a Sea Urchin:

“These pictures of the vandalized sidewalks in  front of 250 and 252 East. Park Avenue were taken today [JUNE 13th]. The scratched out area was profanity beginning with the “F” word. National grid had to open the sidewalks for the purpose of repairing o the gas service. When they finished the repair,  they covered it with black top, and then just yesterday, replaced the black top with brand-new cement. Each slab is at least 10 x 5 feet.

Hopefully, the police detectives know who these lowlifes are, and will arrest them for defacing public property, and in the case of the shoe print, creating a potential trip hazard. In the meantime, National Grid should  repair the sidewalks, and this time protect them until the cement is hardened.