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That time when Long Beach marked the end point of the NYC marathon [Long Beach History]

From Doug Sheer of the Long Beach Island Landmarks Association

The Long Beach Marathon

While Long Beach hosts many runs along its 2.2 mile boardwalk, there was a time when Long Beach marked the end point of a NYC marathon. In two consecutive years, 1927 and 1928, the NYC – Long Beach Marathon was one of the headline runs in the country. The star of the 1927 marathon was a Native American from the Hopi Tribe of Arizona by the name of Quanowahu along with his tribal brother Pohoquaptewa. Their local competition was the well-known runner, Albert Michelsen from Stamford, Connecticut. The marathon was held under the auspices of the Lions Club of Long Beach and the Metropolitan Association of the American Athletic Union. The course started at 59th Street and 6th Avenue at noon and crossed the Queensboro Bridge. Participants ran along Queens Boulevard through Jamaica and then along Merrick Road to Lynbrook where they headed south to Long Beach and ended at City Hall. Continue reading That time when Long Beach marked the end point of the NYC marathon [Long Beach History]

Historical Photo from the 1950’s: Sea Isle Beach Club

Sent in by Kayo:

Picture was taken c. early 1950s in East Atlantic Beach, View is to the east.

Jetty is on Troy Avenue.  Big white building is the then Sea Isle Beach Club which was  between Trenton and Nevada Avenues, right on the western border of The City of LB.   Had other names as it was seemingly unprofitable no matter what it was named.  Local legend says it was built by bootleggers during prohibition and was a receiving station for the refreshments arriving from sea.

A few years later it was named The Shore Country Club. That’s what it was when it burned to the ground. The blurry white stuff on the roof is big letters saying “Sea Isle”.

Photo credit: Kayo collection

A reader comments on the marina portion of the Comprehensive Plan / LWRP presentation

The following comment is from a reader who wishes to remain anonymous. It’s regarding the marina portion of the Comprehensive Plan / LWRP presentation.  Here is my recent post on the topic: LONG BEACH COMPREHENSIVE PLAN/ LWRP [NOTES, OPINIONS, IDEAS, CONCEPTS] 

“Putting the marina by the water plant is Ironic. Back in the 60’s there was a nice marina/fishing station on that exact spot.  City hall demolished it to build the water plant. At Magnolia where the Rec is now was another marina. Boat rentals and sales, outboard and inboard motors serviced and sold there.  Moorings and a restaurant. Both locations were thriving businesses that were demolished  to make way for the now existing eyesores.

I doubt that LB can support a marina these days. There were three marinas in the 60’’s and earlier. The third one was at NY Ave and the bay. That was demolished for condos to be built.  Three marinas in Island park are now on the ropes from Hurricane Sandy. The LB area can support maybe one small marinas that have not only slips for rent but large yards for boat winter storage and repair shops to maintain them. Boats in this area spend more time out of the water than in the water. There are many fewer boats in the area now in the 21st century.”4

Long Beach, Let’s give ourselves a round of applause

We have the Beach to Bay Civic, Eastholme Civic Association, Friends of North Park, High Rise Association, North East Bay & Canal Civic Association, West End Neighbors Civic Association & the Westholme Civic Association.

What other area on Long Island has so many civic associations!! Do we care about Long Beach or what?


New York Public Library has a ton of public domain images. Here are a few of Long Beach.

"Intersection E. Park Place and Park Ave"
“Intersection E. Park Place and Park Ave”
"New York -- A Scene At Long Beach, The New And Popular Seaside Resort."
“New York — A Scene At Long Beach, The New And Popular Seaside Resort.”

Lots of amazing public domain images have been added to the New York Public Library Digital Collections website. Below are a few of Long Beach, including a couple of Estate Maps, postcard of the Long Beach Hotel and a menu from the hotel dated  8/18/1900. Mush and Milk!

Read more about this here [LINK]. And here is the link where you can search for more:
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Historical photos of the old fountain at the LIRR station [updated with more photos]

sealfountainIn response to my fountain proposal from yesterday, a reader named Doug sent in photos of the old fountain at the LIRR station. These old photos sometimes drives me nuts. While I don’t fully know the history behind it all, whose bright idea was it to destroy such a beautiful feature of our city? Well, at least now we have a billboard.
Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 1.36.38 PMScreen Shot 2015-07-10 at 1.36.56 PMunnamed unnamed-1