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Historical photos of the old fountain at the LIRR station [updated with more photos]

sealfountainIn response to my fountain proposal from yesterday, a reader named Doug sent in photos of the old fountain at the LIRR station. These old photos sometimes drives me nuts. While I don’t fully know the history behind it all, whose bright idea was it to destroy such a beautiful feature of our city? Well, at least now we have a billboard.
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History Bike Long Beach (NY) [Saturday, June 13th at 10am]

unnamedHistory Bike Long Beach (NY)
Saturday, June 13 
10:00 am
Long Beach Historical Society
226 West Penn St, Long Beach, New York 11561

If We Build It, They Will Come

19th and early 20th-century dreamers, schemers, and laborers created a leisure and living community from a sandbar. We’ll learn who they were, what they built, and how their vision of Long Beach evolved in those early decades.

Gather at 10:00 at the Historical Society, start riding at 10:30, visit sites of interest throughout the city, and finish at the Farmer’s Market. Smooth ride on a flat terrain, approximately 8 miles, perfect for history buffs and cycling enthusiasts of all levels. Ride is free, but donations will happily be accepted!

For more information email Mary Anne Trasciatti at or call the Historical Society 432-1192

Co-sponsored by the Long Beach Historical and Preservation Society + Long Beach Streets.

Nathan’s in Oceanside is now open in new location [Roadside Rest photos!]



Nathan’s Famous opened its second restaurant on Long Beach Road in Oceanside in 1959, proudly serving Nathan’s fans for generations. Today, Nathan’s in Oceanside has moved a short distance away to 2807 Long Beach Road. The newly opened Nathan’s features a state-of-the-art interior complete with comfortable seating areas, TVs and of course a full menu of their world famous beef hot dogs, crinkle cut French fries and other famous favorites such as burgers, cheesesteaks, chicken and even Arthur Treacher’s fish and chips. Stop by today! [LINK]

My childhood memories belong to Nunley’s which was in Baldwin, but does anybody remember when the Oceanside Nathan’s looked like this? 11053328_10153181594414561_6609892391459081801_n

Below are more images from a reader named Doug, who adds: Before it was Nathan’s of Oceanside it was the Roadside Rest.  The Roadside Rest was opened in 1921 by Leon Shor and Murray Hadfield, It became Nathan’s in 1959.  Here are a couple of photos from the Roadside Rest days. 


Roadside Rest

Art Deco house nominated for the National Registers of Historic Places

The Art Deco-stye house at 84 East Olive Street has been nominated for the National Registers of Historic Places.

Adding to what Project 11561 posted earlier on the topic [LINK], here is more info on that awesome & historic Art Deco home [LINK]. Although, I desperately want to paint the rails of this house a mint green color.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 4.18.48 PM

Park Avenue. Then & Now. Any grants for us?

The City of Long Beach just posted this period photo of Park Avenue on Facebook:

1525481_824695824276840_7158536204457358996_nI love looking at these old photos of our city by the sea, but they also get me kinda sad seeing how much things have changed. For example: Where did those beautiful pedestrian lamp posts go?Whose decision was it to remove them?? And how can we get them back???

I’m not sure how long ago this photo was taken, but I would love for Park Avenue to get back to (at least) some of its roots (sans the same old terrible sidewalk and parking meters, of course). But those pedestrian lights. WOW! Talk about making things quaint. Also, notice the lack of signs? (I’ll save that issue for another day).

Newsday just ran an article on how Great Neck business district was to get a 1Million dollar upgrade from a Department of Transportation’s Transportation Enhancement Program grant:

“including the reconstruction of roadways, new brick sidewalks, LED streetlights, benches and trees [LINK].

The article mentions Freeport, Port Jefferson village & Town of Islip as other Long Island areas who have received this grant. Surely there must be some money for Long Beach, no?