Newsday – Long Beach workers’ personal data mistakenly made public

So Newsday has this article about how personal data of Long Beach city workers somehow leaked out.  Our mayor is going to investigate.

Here is the link for those who have a login with I can access because we use Optimum online at work, but for those who can’t, I’m sorry. Newsday is somehow living in the stone age with their new online pricing scheme.  They think they can control the internet the same way they controlled cable TV on Long Island for so long.  Why can’t they do what everybody else on the internet does and just load their website with ads. Google does it and they are a multi-billion dollar company.

Newsday – Long Beach man drove 105 mph drunk, police say

WOAH. That man should not be allowed to drive ever again. Two laws were broken. Peoples lives were in danger. There is no excuse. PLEASE THROW THIS MAN IN JAIL.

Full Article: Long Beach man drove 105 mph drunk, police say

A Long Beach man stopped for driving 105 mph on the Meadowbrook State Parkway Wednesday night also was driving drunk, State Police said.

Police said Andrew Gaughan was driving south on the Meadowbrook near Babylon Turnpike – just yards from the site of a horrific 2005 wrong-way drunk-driving limo crash that killed 7-year-old Katie Flynn of Long Beach and limo driver Stanley Rabinowitz, 59 – when he was stopped by a trooper.

Gaughan, 30, of 86 Ohio Ave., was doing 105 mph, 50 mph over the speed limit, police said.

Police said the trooper noted Gaughan “smelled of alcohol.” A breath test showed he had a blood-alcohol content of 0.10 – above the legal limit of 0.08 – and he was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated, police said. He also was issued citations for excessive speed. He is scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 30.

Corporate Boardwalk

I was just reading McLaughlin, Fagen, Torres win on the and I want to single out an interesting item that was said by city counsel newcomer Mike Fagen. From the article:

Fagen also said he wants to seek other non-tax revenue streams, including an Adopt-A-Highway program that would allow businesses to sponsor sections of a newly constructed boardwalk, and naming-rights deals with corporations to finance the ice arena and Recreation Center.

1752863852_be2ca45c85_bNaming rights is a great idea for the arena, but corporate sponsor sections on the boardwalk? I’m sorry, but the beauty of the boardwalk is the idea that it’s an escape from reality. I love that OUR boardwalk isn’t overrun with restaurants and stupid stores like Atlantic City or Coney Island.  When I ride my bike or take a walk on the boardwalk I don’t want to be reminded of Subway-five-dollar-foot-longs or the latte-Mocha-Frappachino-Starbucks-flavor-of-the-week.  Besides, aren’t those corporate-sponsored flag signs attached to the lamp posts enough? I just don’t want to see OUR boardwalk look like the Jersey Turnpike.  Ok, I’m done with my rant.

You can read the full article over at the –  McLaughlin, Fagen, Torres win

bridge over troubled water

This goes in the WTF category. I was just poking around facebook and found a group named “We want better access to Long Beach, NY” and get this, they are calling for a bridge that connects Long Beach Road in Island Park to the Meadowbrook Parkway.  Here is the group’s description:

This group’s sole objective is to create better access to Long Beach NY. The primary proposal is to have a highway spanning from the bridge between long beach and Island Park to the Meadowbrook parkway


The reason why I am calling some attention to this is because the group actually has 76 members, including a local politician. Ok, so here are my thoughts and please bare with me.

A bridge that far will not only be detrimental to the channel, but it would cost a boat load of money – something NY State doesn’t have.  If any new bridge is going to be built in the NY area, it’s not going to be there. It only takes about 10 minutes to get from Long Beach Road to Loop Parkway with our current Park Ave/Lido Blvd  situation. A bridge would probably cut those minutes down to maybe 5? Not only that, but I drive on that road every single day during rush hour and it’s really not that bad. It gets slow with all the lights, but it’s not enough to destroy Reynold’s Channel over.

I’m not sure if that facebook group is actually a gag, but I like to post whatever I find interesting about Long Beach and boy.. that proposal is uh…. interesting….  It’s something fun to talk about.

Long Beach Motor Inn, You give Long Beach a bad name.

Yeah, I know that motel isn’t in Long Beach, but it’s called the Long Beach Motor Inn, it’s on Long Beach blvd and you pass in on your way to Long Beach.  I’m sure there are some people out there who think it’s in Long Beach. Regardless, the place is a dump and it’s bringing down that whole entire south shore area.

The Island Park Civic Association website is reporting that there are sex offenders living at the Long Beach Motor Inn. That motel seems to be used for everything, but a motel. Just like that sleazy joint that was in Oceanside, this one needs to be demolished as well.

Check out the article which has information where you can complain about these sex offenders in our area. Being that we are in Long Beach and not too far, I am sure they will listen to us too.

“They keep lie” “Stay Way” “The Allegria RUINED MY WEDDING”

Oh no… not another post about that damn freakin’ hotel!!! That’s right!  How can I let a week slip by without mentioning the Allegria? I can’t. has a page for the Allegria and some of the comments are so sad!

“They Keep Lie”

“Stay Way”


Screen shot 2009-09-30 at 3.50.05 PMHere is the Trip Advisor rating for the Allegria as of today (Sept 30th, 2009). Keep in mind, those TERRIBLE reviews were posted before the hotel was even open. Why the terrible reviews? Empty promises on the hotel’s part. Why Empty Promises? Hmm, was it all the early summer rain? the construction costs? the economy? or all of the above?

Check out all the reviews @

I can’t believe this was King David Manor or: Will the Allegria Hotel & Spa work here?

Regarding my Opening night and the place was PACKED post on the Allegria Hotel, local Long Beach resident Heshy asks: Someone told me rooms go for $400 a night at the Allegria – a) is this true?  b) can this kind of upscale work in Long Beach?

I can’t answer the first question, but the second one is really interesting. Can this kind of upscale work here? What do you guys think?


Last week my wife and I decided to take a peak inside this place. “I can’t believe this was King David Manor” was my initial thought when we entered the lobby.  The decor was just beautiful.  The beach motif wasn’t tacky at all – lots of shells, glass, wood, stone.  It was very hip and upscale. – the kind that is taking over the Bowery in NYC. The Allergria makes the Garden City Hotel, it’s main competition, look like a holiday inn – very dated and boring.

The friendly Allegria staff encouraged us to look around.  We decided to go up a floor (boardwalk level) to check out the restaurant, bar and lounge area.

photo 2 We really wanted to eat at the restaurant, but we just ate dinner, so we settled with coffee and dessert.  The “snack bar” menu is filled with all sorts of expensive alcoholic drinks starting at $12 each.  The dessert selection was pretty limited. Some of the items offered were chocolate covered strawberries, cheesecake, s’mores and a few other items which I can’t remember. Well for a total of $24 (with tip) we got two cups of Starbucks brand coffee and the hockey puck-shaped s’mores dessert.

So how was it?

Let me rephrase what we ate for $24 bucks: Two SMALL cups of coffee and a fancy ring ding.  The s’mores was tasty, but way overpriced. As far as desserts are concerned, I just can’t see myself going there a lot. I like to splurge every once in a while, but I find a cone of Marvel Ice Cream to be much more satisfying. Besides, I’m not a big fan of starbucks coffee. Charbucks.


That saying, I heard the restaurant is great and I plan on trying it out.  While I don’t like overpaying for coffee and dessert, dinner is another story.  I’ll overpay for dinner provided that it’s something that I can’t make at home.

So can this kind of upscale work in Long Beach? I really don’t know. New York has a lot of food options. What New York doesn’t have are too many hotels & restaurants on the Beach.  The novelty of being on the water helps a lot, but in Long Beach? At these prices????? This isn’t the Hamptons. Are we headed that way? What do you guys think?

A small note: I have to apologize for these photos. I do own a DSLR, but I never bring it anywhere. I am always stuck taking blurry photos with my cell phone.