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Ron Paganini, Democrat for Long Beach City Council

New Wave Dems LB: Meet Ron Paganini. 62 year resident of Long Beach. Retired City employee and CSEA Union leader. You want someone to fight the corruption at City Hall? Ron is your man. We know he can do it, because he’s done it. Help us make Ron your next Long Beach City Councilman.

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Elizabeth Treston, Democrat for Long Beach City Council

New Wave Dems LB: Meet Elizabeth Treston. You’d be hard pressed to find a more committed, compassionate or knowledgable advocate for the residents of Long Beach. An expert on resiliency and preparedness, Liz will bring civility, transparency and inclusion to the Long Beach City Council. Oh, and she was also Long Beach Herald’s 2018 Person of the Year. Next up, and with your help, she’ll be one of our Democratic candidates for Long Beach City Council.

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NEWSDAY: Credit agency downgrades Long Beach bond rating

Hey Long Beach voters, let’s remember this next November. I shall be labelling this post ELECTION 2019 so I don’t forget when it comes time to vote.

NEWSDAY: Credit agency downgrades Long Beach bond rating

“Moody’s Investors Service reduced the city’s bond rating from Baa1 to Baa2, two steps above junk bond status….

Moody’s downgraded Long Beach’s rating, citing a concern of city’s inability to manage its budget, city officials said. Moody’s also maintained  its negative outlook on the city fiscally moving forward.”

LB Herald: Three Democratic candidates announce plan to run in June primary

Along with the three Republican Candidates mentioned in the last post, it looks like the Democrats will have a primary.

Long Beach Herald: Long Beach City Council incumbents to face primary challengers

“In what is shaping up to be a crowded City Council race this year, three longtime Long Beach residents announced Tuesday that they intend to run in a Democratic primary in June.

West End resident Liz Treston, a well-known community advocate and chair of the Long Beach Community Organizations Active in Disasters; Karen McInnis, a financial executive who also lives in the West End; and Ron Paganini, a retired city worker and local union leader; said in a news release that they plan to challenge incumbent City Council President Anthony Eramo and Vice President Chumi Diamond, who are up for re-election this year. [Long Beach Herald]

Anissa Moore, Michael Delury, Lauren Doddato-Goldman Nominated For Long Beach City Council

Pledging to hold the line on taxes, restore fiscal responsibility, transparency, accountability and civility to Long Beach City Hall, Councilwoman Anissa Moore, former Assistant District Attorney Lauren Doddato-Goldman, and municipal finance professional Michael Delury have been nominated for Long Beach City Council by the Long Beach Republican Committee. Denise Ford was also nominated to win re-election to the Nassau County Legislature. Moore, first elected in 2015 and Delury, both Democrats and Doddato-Goldman, a registered republican are running as a bipartisan slate pledge to once and for all clean up Long Beach City Hall, ensure fiscal responsibility and provide residents with a city government that works for the taxpayers of Long Beach.

In a joint statement Moore, Delury and Doddato-Goldman said, “We believe that the best way for government to work in the City of Long Beach is by having members of the two political parties working together for a common goal- that goal should be to put partisan and machine politics aside and work for the residents of the city, to solve the many serious issues that face the city and move Long Beach forward.”

Moore, a college professor who has worked for more than two decades to inspire students and deliver a top tier education, was first elected to the Long Beach City Council in 2015 where she has fought for progress and reform. Moore currently serves as the Chair of the Nassau Community College Academic Senate, where she works to build a strong curriculum and help students succeed on their professional and academic journeys. Moore also serves as the Executive Director for Long Beach STEAM Academy, an after school program for Long Beach’s middle school students that helps bridge the gap between school and home for the children in our community.

Delury, who currently serves as the Treasurer for the Village of East Williston, has more than 15 years of experience managing the operations and finances of successful municipalities in New York State. Delury is responsible for all cash management, annual budget preparation, compliance with State Comptroller’s Office, and coordination of the annual audit for financial statements.

Doddato-Goldman, is a former Nassau Assistant District Attorney with the Major Offense Bureau where she prosecuted homicides and other serious crimes. She is currently Principal Law Clerk to a Nassau County Court Judge where she researches and analyzes complex legal issues and drafts opinions as well as decisions for the judge. She will bring 15 years of criminal justice experience to the Long Beach City Council. Doddato Goldman has fought hard to keep neighborhoods safe, and has worked to ensure that our legal system serves the people.

Denise Ford was first elected to the Nassau County legislature in 2003 and is seeking re-election to her seat. Ford is also a registered democrat who has run on the Republican line.

Long Beach Opposition appoints city attorney as acting city manager

A 3-2 vote. Corporation Counsel Rob Agostisi, who donated to City Council President Anthony Eramo’s 2015 campaign, is now our new Acting City Manager [] [].


It amazes me how hard the search for City Manager has been for our elected officials. Good thing they’re just elected. That means we can get rid of the bad ones once the time comes (and it’s coming). Anyway, something definitely wrong is going on. The search shouldn’t be this hard. Do you know what would be easier? If us residents just elected a Mayor instead. I know folks say it will still be politics as usual, but at least a City Mayor would be the choice of the people. Not the mess that is happening now where John Bendo, the most popular councilman vote-wise isn’t even given a clue until the day of Agostisi’s appointment. With an elected Mayor, if our choice is bad, we either riot and overthrow the government or wait until next election like what we always do and VOTE.

Corporation Counsel Rob Agostisi, who has worked for our city for many years, is also on that questionable Separation Payout list, first published on this blog back in April 2018 [LINK: The 2.1 Million List]. Speaking of separation payouts, I am hoping New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli is still working on that audit that he publicly tweeted about early last summer. I’m not going to hold my breath on that one though….

Hey Tom, how is that audit going? I called your office many times and even wrote a few letters, but never heard back. What about the Nassau DA? It must be some thorough audit since it’s taking this long!

Going back to the whole campaign donation thing at the top of this post: Is that something our city should disclose? Is disclosure like campaign contributions even required? When do ethics come into play? How does this all work? I ask these questions as a taxpaying resident questioning the actions of our elected officials. We don’t live in a monarchy or a dictatorship. I am allowed to ask these questions. Plus is is all public info, so there.

I really don’t want to bring this blog back. I absolutely love not paying attention, so don’t get used to these posts at all…. but……

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Commemorating The Wreck of the Mexico at Long Beach (1837) [October 20th]

The Long Beach Island Landmarks Association (LBILA) will commemorate the loss of the 115 passengers and crew members when the ship Mexico wrecked on January 2, 1837, just two hundred yards off of Long Beach. The victims – most of them Irish immigrants – froze to death on the deck of the ship, within sight of the land of their dreams. The unveiling of a plaque near the spot where they perished will help us remember this terrible tragedy. Joining the LBILA are many local historical societies and community groups who want to share their connection with those who died that day. 

For the past 20 years, the AOH of Nassau County and Historical Society of East Rockaway and Lynbrook have sponsored an annual ceremony at the victims’ gravesite in Lynbrook.  The LBILA is pleased to host this year’s ceremony with the unveiling of a historic plaque on the boardwalk. Saturday, October 20, 2018 at 11 AM. On the boardwalk at Lincoln Blvd. in Long Beach, N.Y.