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A new ‘THE PARK’ rumor has emerged: A Music Venue? [RUMOR]

My friends over at Project 11561 

I’ve been screaming about a music venue in Long Beach for years [An example from 2011: Somebody please buy this building and turn it into Performing Arts Center / Music Venue].

We do have a great venue space at our public library, but I see that more as a community center.  An actual music venue that sells alcohol and attracts named acts would be amazing. Personally, we have enough sports bars in Long Beach, so I can only pray this rumor comes to fruition.  Buuuuuuuuut:

  1. Is a cabaret license needed in Long Beach? Or is that just a NYC thing.
  2. Along those lines, It just seems like this is a change of use and would require a zoning board vote. I don’t think a music venue with a stage can just pop up out of nowhere. Of course, we don’t know how big this ‘rumored’ stage is or what the actual details are, if any. Or, it could just be a little corner nook  carved out for live music while people drink and eat.
  3. The sign on the window says they are closed for February, Can one build a stage and transform an entire bar into a music venue in just one month?

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Is a Wind Farm coming to our shores?

A friend of the blog just sent this in. What do you folks think?

“If everything goes to plan, New York City and Long Island will be harnessing the Atlantic Ocean’s strong and dependable winds as a source of renewable energy. 
Norway’s biggest oil company will be developing an offshore wind farm outside of New York. Statoil submitted the winning bid of $42.5 million to the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management last Friday to lease nearly 80,000 acres of federal waters roughly 14 miles off the coast of Long Island, the Huffington Post reported.

Article: Norway’s Biggest Oil Company to Build Huge Offshore Wind Farm Off Coast of New York

Image via @Statoil

No Jones Beach Holiday Lights this year

2014-12-04-19-44-27For those who are wondering what’s the deal with those holiday lights at Jones Beach, I have bad news for you. It ain’t happening this year. I didn’t get a reason why.

Check out my photos from last year. Just put on your Google Cardboard, click on the following link and it’ll be like you’re really there: HOLIDAY LIGHTS SPECTACULAR @ JONES BEACH



RUMORS: What’s going on with the Superblock? It’s been de-weeded. Is it a sign or just upkeep?


A keen-eyed observer sent me in the following:

“Came home today [Wednesday] and saw the iStar lot has been de-weeded. Good will gesture or think they’re gonna start something??Hate to say it but i actually think it looks better w the weeds rather than just dirt and rocks. I’ll keep you posted if I see more movement.

 iStar has been busy since they were denied the abatement from the IDA. I wonder what’s going on…  Is it a sign or just upkeep?
I speculated before, but it’s fun to revisit the speculation: Do they can sell the property with the development rights? Do they build anyway? Is it possible at all for them to ask for more height to make the project profitable for their stock holders? Or, do they just leave the lot vacant, something many of the superblock-neighbors would absolutely love.

Work being done at Granada Towers. Ahh the rumors. Don’t fear the rumors. [UPDATED]

granadaReader comment on facebook:

“There was cracking on the supporting corner column and on Riverside. Now they are repairing it. No need for fear, it is being fixed.

It also sounds like it’s a mix of minor-structural and cosmetic. Nothing to worry about. We are all just going nuts over that terrace collapse from last week. I love this building, so I am glad it’s getting some upgrades and beautification.

original story:

I never used Dr. Leo, but I hear he is a great Chiropractor. Are you wondering why his office is now in a trailer on Park Avenue? Well it’s for a very good reason. My source described ‘very thick wooden support beams recently being install to support the structure.’ Are we talking the full structure?  Much like the recent-Hermine storm, its hard to forecast what potential damage could have happened, but work is getting done. Phew!

Along with those ‘corner band-aids’ in the above photo, there has been some controversy with this beautiful National Historic Building. Some of you might recall my past blogs:



It’s true. Three Booths were destroyed. Time to get some cameras on the boardwalk.

The vandalism of our boardwalk is getting out of control. I see the usual marker graffiti on ticket booths, library boxes with broken glass  plus we can’t forget about that crappy graffiti on the boardwalk itself [see: June 8th, 2016].

Three booths were recently destroyed. I hate to say it, but I’m not surprised. Whenever we try to do something nice in this town, some a-hole is always there to ruin it. I truly believe it’s time for our city to start installing cameras on the boardwalk.

There is a whole psychological story to this. The vandals most likely have some serious anger issues. Probably very insecure about life and they have to act out in order to feel better about themselves. You don’t do something like this just to ‘look cool.’ More than one person was involved, so I am hoping it leaks out who did it. The people who hate aren’t happy.

Photo published on Project 11561. I am not sure who took the photo.
Photo published on Project 11561. I am not sure who took the photo.

Allegria auction updates

A few of my friends were hanging around the hotel auction eavesdropping, reading lips and wearing invisibility cloaks- trying desperately to get whatever info they can. Here is the latest:

“It just sold for $27.4 million to a man who allegedly represents the mortgagee.”

Well… I’m sure we’ll read more about this in the Herald. They have better eavesdroppers, lip readers and invisibility cloaks than my crew.

RUMOR: alleged movie shoot could shut down a West End beach entrance

RUMOR: I am hearing the city will vote on whether to allow an alleged movie shoot to take place on Indiana Avenue in August, shutting down the beach entrance for the entire month. One Indiana Avenue resident tells me:

“Need to get the word out to shut this down so we have our beach access and no double parked cars and trucks and don’t loose quality of life for the month of August.”

I’m trying to find out more info, but if true, this would totally suck for those who live there. Our beach season is short and August is a prime month. I would go nuts if this were my block. Let’s place this under RUMORS for now until more concrete information comes out.