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Adiós Amigos!

UPDATE January 24th, 2018: I corrected the spelling of  Mark Tannenbaum. Thank you to those who notified me.


I’m going to be taking a break from the blog indefinitely. It’s not you, it’s me. After almost ten years of blogging (3,331 posts including this one), I am completely burnt out.

Before I get started, I am going to ask you to read and agree to my TERMS OF SERVICE and PRIVACY POLICY.  If you do not agree with my TERMS OF SERVICE and PRIVACY POLICY, then you must leave this website as soon as possible by clicking here.  If you do agree with my TERMS OF SERVICE and PRIVACY POLICY, then you may continue reading the following:

I’ve fallen behind on news since the election: The IDA stuff with that medical building on Park Avenue, the whale in Reynolds channel or the old cadillac ‘crashing’ a movie set. I just can’t keep up with it all. I’m all alone here…. There are also so many posts I still wanted to write, like how Former-President of the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce Mark Tannenbaum UNSUCCESSFULLY sued me and Allison Blanchette in two separate lawsuits for the same two anonymous comments that were posted on this blog even though, in my opinion, Mark Tannenbaum had absolutely no proof on who the authors were. (I personally don’t make comments under the names Allison and Sandra B). We settled.  I said “no way” to a confidentiality agreement, so being that the cases were about this blog and then public figure Mark Tannenbaum, I really can write all I want about it. And yes, he effected this blog, so It is blog news and Long Beach news. Oh yes, I sued Mark Tannenbaum back for $500,000 in damages in an Anti-Slapp lawsuit. In the end, we all walked away from it all. Why did I settle that way? Everyday I’m kicking myself for doing it. I know I would have won, but an unexpected  issue came up. Put it this way: If you knew why I settled you would call me a saint. I will say this: the chamber of commerce should be kissing my ass that I settled because I was about to turn that entire organization upside down. Holy shit it would have been a shit storm, in my opinion. Those who knew what my case was about, including three board members of the Chamber of Commerce would agree with me, I can guarantee you that. It’s just amazing how Allison and I had to deal with this when we were absolutely 10000000000000% innocent. I still have that time stamped Facebook Messenger message when Allison wrote something along the lines:  “I am being sued by  Tannenbaum and I didn’t write anything.” Yeah, that was a keeper for court and a judge.  I don’t make up so-called fake names and comment about people I don’t know, never met, never spoke to, never did business with. If I have something to say about a public Long Beach person like the then-President of the Chamber of Commerce, I do it in a blog post as an opinion. Not buried as a fucking comment under two fucking ‘fake’ names. If anybody is curious about the anonymous comments were about, here is a similar a comment that was printed and published by the Long Beach Herald below. Funny how the Long Beach Herald and the author of the article didn’t get sued. And Mark did see this LETTER because he participated by answering it in the next Herald Issue – hence my Anti-Slapp lawsuit (this is just one example of many many many many……….)

The new Long Beach Chamber of Commerce is great, by the way. Where was I? Oh yeah, I am burnt out on this blog business. I really wanted to blog about how that new JJ Coopers covered the old Library faced with a sheet of metal. How this drives me absolutely insane that they did that, but whatever. I am too tired. The historical aspect of our downtown is destroyed already anyway. This was just the door slamming us on the ass on last time. I really wish JJ Coopers good luck, but holy shit was that a crappy thing to do. 

Yes, it’s true that I still have stuff to blog about, but I’m done for now indefinitely. Ignorance is bliss and I am extremely anxious to fade into a deeper state of obscurity. You can still find me tweeting and posting on instagram. I actually deactivated my personal facebook account , so sorry if i’m not responding to anything there. I’m not the biggest fan of facebook, so if my blog is silent, so will that.  I actually have no way of posting this article on facebook, so if somebody can do me a favor……

I really want to thank all my readers for coming here daily! To the great (and not-so-great) people I met through the blog. You’ll see me around town.  Little did I know that an unsuccessful purchase of [taken by Newport] would cause me to flip the words around and create something that ended up with thousands of daily followers and over a million views in its lifetime. I am not a writer, so there were so many difficult times for me to articulate my thoughts into written words. I wasn’t so bad, was I?

I guess that’s it for now. I still own for the next ten or so years, so this blog will still float around in the world wide web so long as our internet laws permit it.  If anybody has any desire to show any appreciation, I would love it if you use my referral link if you do any Black Friday shopping from a computer. OBVIOUSLY, SHOP LOCAL, but if Amazon is one of your destinations, using my referral helps me out a lot and it doesn’t cost  you a penny more.

Adiós Amigos!

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State of the Blog [MEDIA ALERT]

I’ve have been running for almost nine years now. I’m always honored by how beloved this blog has been by so many of you. Heck, even the City of Long Beach celebrated my blog by giving me awards for it [here’s one of them]. I always get nothing, but positive feedback and encouragement to continue what was once the primary place for public discussion about our great city by the sea. With all that, I feel it’s my duty to at least give you, my readers some sort of explanation as to why it’s been a ghost town around here.

I am not ready to talk about everything, but eventually I will. Full details are imminent. I know the blog hasn’t been the same for the past year or so, but it’s with good reason. Oh boy, you will never believe the crap, harassment and damages my family & I have experienced. Actually, another innocent resident is somehow involved as well. I am sure she’ll want me to blog about her tale. You, my readers have damages, too. Constitutional rights have been violated (I’m fighting that as well).

To be honest, I’m not sure if I should start blogging all this now or until it’s all over. I just might wait for V day so I can just blog in one big post. For now, all media please contact me for a future Press Release, for it’s my constitutional right to tell this story.  Also, any published authors out there interested in a project? Please contact me.


How to add SEABYTHECITY to your iphone home screen!

Several of you have asked me to create a mobile app of the blog. I could, but it would basically just be an app that pulls information off the website. Seems like a like of trouble for something that could potentially give me headaches, as mobile devices are constantly changing and whatnot.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 11.46.11 AMIf you do have an iPhone, you already can add a direct link of the blog to your home screen with a fancy icon. I’m going to show you how.

Side notes: I am running the ios10 beta, so what appears in these screenshots might look slightly different than what’s on your iDevice. This method will work with an iPad, but I have no idea if you can do the same thing with Android devices. If so, I would love for somebody to go through the steps and send it in, so I can share with you all.  Continue reading How to add SEABYTHECITY to your iphone home screen!

SBTC is back on Instagram!

unnamedSBTC has been quiet for the past week or two. Ignorance truly is bliss. I pray for the day this blog goes away, but alas… I love to torture myself by adding on more projects. This time it’s Instagram! It’s an old account, but gave up on it because I didn’t like manually switching between SBTC and my personal one.  Now that instagram added a multi-user function, SBTC is back! ADD ME AND SEND ME HEARTS! I am a lazy photographer photo taker, so don’t expect to see any masterpieces.

Long Beach got run over by a reindeer [My annual State of the Blog Address]

I know. I keep using my same old photo of City Hall.

My annual State of the Blog Address:

Merry Christmas, everybody!The blog might be slightly quiet for the next two weeks due to me being busy with major holiday spirit. But you never know… sometimes I’ll go a few days without any posts, then I’ll do five in one hour.  SO FEAR NOT! SBTC is not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, I just renewed the domain name for a long time. What is my actual goal here? I have no clue. Perhaps one day when I retire from my real job, I’ll turn this into something meaningful, but for now it’s still  my personal journey, opinions and commentary of our wonder city by the sea. You are welcome to stay or leave. That is entirely up to you. (Speaking of something meaningful….. for those who are slightly curious: Google adsense maybe gives me a few bucks a month. ads? I’ve had those since the summer and I haven’t made a cent. Why do I keep them up? Because I am truly bored… lol. They are purely there out of curiosity and boredom, not capitalism.)

As always, please email me your questions, comments, events, business advertisements, etc. etc. I never, ever, not once ever charged a business to advertise on this blog, so please feel free in sending me your business info. I would love to help promote it! I’m terrible in keeping up with facebook messages, so emailing me directly is the best way to go.

I’m grateful with all the wonderful folks I’ve met because of this blog. I also love all the positive feedback I received that keeps this thing going. Just yesterday I was told by a local business woman how SBTC is a staple to this city. You have no idea how much that means to me. I am deeply humbled. Thank you!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I’ll see you all in 2016 (unless I decide to post something beforehand, because you never know with me…). 2016 is going to be a great year for Long Beach. I CAN FEEL IT!

Closed Facebook Group Idea & Blog reboot.

I am thinking of starting a closed SEABYTHECITY facebook group, where you would have to agree to simple terms (that protect me) for membership. Only members will be able to read posts and participate. It will be a place were we can share all the insanity that goes on in this city by the sea. Stuff that I don’t post on the blog, including personal stuff that I am going through. I will post more info on this as soon as it goes live.

ALSO, be on the lookout for a new reboot of the blog. I am kinda busy for the next two weeks, but stay tuned for all this. 2014-11-13 19.18.48