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Long Beach Herald: iStar may seek $87 tax break and may sue City if they don’t get it. [WTF? OPINIONS]

Anthony Rifilato of the Long Beach Herald writes:

“Nassau County Legislator Denise Ford says that the developer looking to build luxury apartments on the Superblock will make a third attempt to secure a tax abatement to move forward with the project — and may sue the city if it is denied again.

Full article: Ford: iStar may seek $87 million tax break

Many moons ago [2014], iStar came in with this project. THEY SAID THEY WERE SHOVEL READY and our city gave them approval to build. There was not one mention of IDA when this all happened.

Shovel ready was complete BS, because they came back a year later looking for a major tax break, that would, in my opinion, ultimately hurt all the residents of Long Beach.

What would be the basis for a lawsuit? The City of Long Beach gave them permission, then kept their mouths shut. We were begging our officials to talk and they wouldn’t. It was the will of the people who were against the IDA, because we don’t want to pay for luxury beachfront units that are on ultra-rare property that’s a hop, skip and jump away from Manhattan.

an oldie, but goodie.

The Long Beach public forum on this topic is  May 9, at 6:30 p.m at City Hall.

State of the Blog [MEDIA ALERT]

I’ve have been running for almost nine years now. I’m always honored by how beloved this blog has been by so many of you. Heck, even the City of Long Beach celebrated my blog by giving me awards for it [here’s one of them]. I always get nothing, but positive feedback and encouragement to continue what was once the primary place for public discussion about our great city by the sea. With all that, I feel it’s my duty to at least give you, my readers some sort of explanation as to why it’s been a ghost town around here.

I am not ready to talk about everything, but eventually I will. Full details are imminent. I know the blog hasn’t been the same for the past year or so, but it’s with good reason. Oh boy, you will never believe the crap, harassment and damages my family & I have experienced. Actually, another innocent resident is somehow involved as well. I am sure she’ll want me to blog about her tale. You, my readers have damages, too. Constitutional rights have been violated (I’m fighting that as well).

To be honest, I’m not sure if I should start blogging all this now or until it’s all over. I just might wait for V day so I can just blog in one big post. For now, all media please contact me for a future Press Release, for it’s my constitutional right to tell this story.  Also, any published authors out there interested in a project? Please contact me.


Work being done at Granada Towers. Ahh the rumors. Don’t fear the rumors. [UPDATED]

granadaReader comment on facebook:

“There was cracking on the supporting corner column and on Riverside. Now they are repairing it. No need for fear, it is being fixed.

It also sounds like it’s a mix of minor-structural and cosmetic. Nothing to worry about. We are all just going nuts over that terrace collapse from last week. I love this building, so I am glad it’s getting some upgrades and beautification.

original story:

I never used Dr. Leo, but I hear he is a great Chiropractor. Are you wondering why his office is now in a trailer on Park Avenue? Well it’s for a very good reason. My source described ‘very thick wooden support beams recently being install to support the structure.’ Are we talking the full structure?  Much like the recent-Hermine storm, its hard to forecast what potential damage could have happened, but work is getting done. Phew!

Along with those ‘corner band-aids’ in the above photo, there has been some controversy with this beautiful National Historic Building. Some of you might recall my past blogs:



A new proposal for a full service Long Beach Medical Center: It’s booze or nothing


APRIL FOOLS! After saying a full service medical center in Long Beach would lose $10 million a year, SNMC is back with a new proposal in response to strong resident criticism. Calling it a last ditch effort, SNMC’s new plan would include a full service 24 hour bar/emergency room which would serve hard liquor, wine and local craft beers.

“It would be a steady and much needed revenue stream. A liquor license application has been submitted, so now it’s a waiting game. There is literally nothing else we can do to make a full service hospital work in Long Beach,” a hospital spokesperson tells SBTC, “It’s booze or nothing.”

SNMC hopes to have the booze hospital open by 2018. You will need to be 21 and older to be admitted.


Single-Structure House proposed for the Foundation Block

singlehouserenderingAPRIL FOOLS! Jonas Grumby, the new owner for the foundation block is seeking to convert the densely zoned property into a single-structure house. Grumby believes his humble plan won’t face any opposition, “I could put two giant towers there, but residents are up in arms with density and parking issues in this city. My plan appropriately fits the needs of the community.”

Paying full taxes on this single-structure house is Grumby’s intention. “I’m not seeking IDA abatements, so I expect the Long Beach community to rally behind this plan. Let’s move it forward. Let’s do it. Let’s re-zone it for a single structure house so I can pay my fair share.”

When asked about the structure spanning the entire foundation block or the unconventional connecting rooflines, Grumby had this to say, “There is no workaround, no loophole. This proposal is for one structure, one house. I’m not sure what the big fuss is over. They are courtyards. I love courtyards. Is it one big roof? Yes, it is. End of discussion.”

The Zoning Board of Appeals will vote on the zoning change later this month.

My Name is Jonas [to be updated all weekend]

Rather than doing a million weather posts, I’ll just keep updating this one whenever I can. I’m not a weather man, so expect my typical stupid stuff.


Saturday, 1:56 pm:

Hey New York Islanders & New York Mets fans, here is CJ Papa talking to our City Manager on FIOS1:  No major flooding from morning high tide in Long Beach. Just one minor flooding spot on the bay side, says city manager

Saturday, 1:39 pm:

News12:  Gov. Cuomo orders LIE travel ban, LIRR suspension

Parkways closed 2:30pm, LIRR stops 4pm. So if you have tickets to something in the city such as The Book of Mormon, looks like you’re out of luck. Hasa Diga Eebowai!!!

Saturday, 11:06 am:

Park looks pretty good. 
Saturday, 9:17 am:
I’m receiving reports of frozen pants running amok around the city. This photo was taken late last night. [They’re coming to get you, Barbara….]


Saturday, 9:06 am:
Watch Video: Stacey Sager is live in [Long Beach] with the latest details [WABC News]. This video was taken Friday night in the Canals.

Saturday, 8:16 am:
So far I think the NY Post prediction is off. The Oscars are still whiter.  

Saturday, 8:12 am:
Looks like the real concern will be Sunday night: 

Friday, 10:48 pm:
It’s snowing.