Broken Windows epidemic? This time it’s sidewalk graffiti [Reader Submitted]

Sent in by a Sea Urchin:

“These pictures of the vandalized sidewalks in  front of 250 and 252 East. Park Avenue were taken today [JUNE 13th]. The scratched out area was profanity beginning with the “F” word. National grid had to open the sidewalks for the purpose of repairing o the gas service. When they finished the repair,  they covered it with black top, and then just yesterday, replaced the black top with brand-new cement. Each slab is at least 10 x 5 feet.

Hopefully, the police detectives know who these lowlifes are, and will arrest them for defacing public property, and in the case of the shoe print, creating a potential trip hazard. In the meantime, National Grid should  repair the sidewalks, and this time protect them until the cement is hardened.

It’s Your City! Joe Miccio, Barbara Bernardino & Runnie Myles for Long Beach City Council [PRESS RELEASE]

FOR RELEASE: Sent to me by the Long Beach Democrats:

It’s Your City!

Joe Miccio, Barbara Bernardino & Runnie Myles for Long Beach City Council

Your local neighbors. Beholden to no one.

Put an end to outside influence from County party leaders and the special interests for personal gain practiced by select members of City government.

The Nassau County Party boss recently voided Barbara, Joe and Runnie‘s candidacies—they were independently vetted, voted on and chosen by Long Beach’s 48-member officially elected candidate selection committee—then the boss replaced them with his own picks.

We ask your help by signing our petition so we are permitted to run in the Democratic primary. You can also help by telling all your LB friends and asking them to contact us. Call, text or email them, post on Facebook.  We will stop by with petitions to sign. It’s that simple.

Please don’t sign our competition’s petitions (on green paper), because if you sign both, only your first signature submitted counts. Contact us at:

2017 Bocce League is cancelled due to costs

The Bocce League organizers sent out an email yesterday with the disappointing news of no bocce this year due to costs.

“After looking at all options the cost of construction of the new site on the bay proved to not be affordable.”

Let’s hope we see some bocce in the future. I was actually looking to join a team this year. Oh well. I know the organizers really wanted to make this happen. Hopefully something will change.

An Abandoned truck at Stop & Shop brings garbage, drinking parties and some head scratching [Broken Windows theory]

The Broken Windows theory is being tested at Stop & Shop where and abandoned truck has taken residence and became a hot spot for parties and garbage. This matter was brought to me several weeks ago by a reader named Richard:

“This truck with no plates and expired 2014 registration and NC PBA 2010 member sticker is now an official garbage collector. It’s been sitting in the Stop and Shop parking lot adjacent to the sidewalk next to the Capital One Bank sign.”


This morning I received the following text:

“I rode past the abandoned truck in Stop & Shop. The drinking party was happening this morning, brown bags and milk crates as well as hanging out. I’m surprised Stop & Shop is allowing this to happen on their property” 

This property is owned by our city, but not managed by them. Stop & Shop should take care of this, so it’s puzzling they aren’t. I am told that the city was notified on several occasions, so it makes you wonder what the communication is between LB and the managing company. Either case, I am just bringing this up as a pure example of the Broken Windows Theory.

The broken windows theory is a criminological theory of the norm-setting and signaling effect of urban disorder and vandalism on additional crime and anti-social behavior. The theory states that maintaining and monitoring urban environments to prevent small crimes such as vandalism, public drinking, and toll-jumping helps to create an atmosphere of order and lawfulness, thereby preventing more serious crimes from happening. [LINK]

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