Gentle Brew Boardwalk Location has reopened. Park Avenue not yet.

The Gentle Brew Boardwalk location has reopened. Park Avenue will take a bit longer.

Gentle Brew still needs our help! Please support this important local business that has successfully been a staple in our community for over eight years. Unlike the American Bank and Auto Industry with their billion dollar bailout for making shitty cars and bad financial decisions, Gentle Brew’s story is different. Please read more about it on the Go Fund Me page, which was not created by Gentle Brew, but by another local business owner:

Unrelated to the Gentle Brew stuff. I have a Poll for my readers: How many of you have paid a contractor cash to avoid sales tax? Please raise your hand. HOLY SHIT, THAT MANY? SO ALL OF YOU WILLINGLY DIDN’T PAY YOUR SALES TAXES? Or were you down on your luck with legal fees and expenses and just couldn’t keep up with payments?

REMINDER: Candidates’ Forum – Democratic Primary Candidates For Long Beach City Councilperson – Wednesday, June 12, 2019 At 7:00 PM [THIS WEDNESDAY!]

The League of Women Voters of Long Beach and the Long Beach Public Library will co-sponsor a Candidates’ Forum on Wednesday, June 12, 2019, at 7:00 PM, in the auditorium of the Long Beach Public Library.  The Democratic Party primary candidates for Long Beach City Councilperson have been invited to attend.   This forum will be videotaped and posted on the League of Women Voters – Nassau County website:

Help Save Gentle Brew! [Go Fund Me]

Please help Gentle Brew get back in business! LINK:

Hi everyone! 

We’re reaching out because we are currently closed and we want more than anything to reopen. As you may have heard, we were forced to shut down because of some mistakes made by us when we should have known better. We’ve had a difficult year, with a lot of financial stress from a legal battle, and we lost sight of some of the financial guidelines we had set for ourselves in an effort to do everything we could do keep our boardwalk location. Unfortunately, these mistakes were expensive and certainly stupid, and have put us in this truly unfortunate position we’re in now.

If you’ve ever spent time with us, our staff, or even just enjoyed a cup of our coffee, please help out with whatever you can spare to help us get back up and running. We promise to keep putting out freshly roasted coffee, amazing baked goods, and continue to be that place for first dates, catching up with old friends, holding interviews, having meetings, doing your work or reading a book. 

If we are able to reopen it would mean that:  we could continue to roast co ffee and serve drinks and baked goods to our customers at our two locations in Long Beach, our employees would get to keep their jobs, our wholesale clients (other local businesses, cafes and bakeries) would be able to continue to use our roasted coffee and cold brew to sell to their own customers, and we could continue to sell at the Northport and Huntington Farmers markets.

We’re not asking for the community to pay for all of our mistakes, but we’re hoping that you could help us get back on our feet so we can reopen and continue doing what we love  for our amazing community. 

Long Beach, and greater Long Island, has been the most amazing community and family we could ever imagine. The outpouring of support that we’ve received from all of you has been so incredible and we truly appreciate it more than you know. 

Thank you so much, 
Bryan & Mel

SIGN THE PETITION: Make Lido Blvd SAFE for the Long Beach School District children!!!

Don’t get me started with Lido Blvd. I am absolutely sick of that six lane highway that took the life of my neighbor (a father of four) a few years ago, and from what I’m hearing there was an accident today involving a child. That six lane highway was ‘updated’ around 10 years now, but all it did was make cars go faster. There was a speed camera there a few years ago that actually worked, but politicians are more worried about votes than they are about safety, so that camera was taken away. There is absolutely no law enforcement on that six lane highway, especially by the school where many speed over 70 MPH.

Project 11561 started a petition to Make Lido Blvd SAFE for the Long Beach School District children!!! I really hope you all head over there and give it a signature.

Enough is enough! Lido Blvd is a death trap, and our schools have our middle school kids riding along it on their way to/from school!! We are requesting the following:

Crossing Guards at all points along Lido Blvd that children pass. (ie. Maple Blvd, Greenway Drive, Blackhealth, Regent Drive.)

NEW visible crosswalks along Lido Blvd

Police Presence along Lido from Maple to Middle school entrance

Lane Closure along North Side closed during school beginning/end times

Reevaluate BUS eligibility for LB children

The safety of our children is more important than a SIX LANE highway running through a residential neighborhood. Our children deserve a SAFE passageway to school. There have been multiple crashes and deaths along Lido Blvd, and nothing has changed!

Macy Gray, Rob Base of “It takes two to make a thing go right” fame, plus more coming to Pride on the Beach [June 21-23rd in Long Beach]

Pride on the Beach kicks off in Long Beach on June 21st. Along with great music acts like Macy Gray and Rob Base, there will also be a Parade, Pride Fair & Amusement Rides, Taste of the Beach and more!

For the full Pride on the Beach event listing, please visit:

Iconic Former-Bank in Freeport that is steps away from LIRR to be razed for car dealership. [Not Long Beach-lated, but this represents everything that is wrong with Long Island.]

I apologize for this post since it’s not Long Beach-related, but Long Beach can and should learn from this:

The iconic Art Deco former-bank that sits across the street from the Freeport LIRR will be razed to make room for a f***ing car dealership. Now I don’t know anything about the state of that building, whether it could have been repurposed or whatever. It’s just a missed opportunely for something that could have been great for Freeport and the south shore of Nassau County.

This is the perfect example of what is wrong with Long Island: Let’s destroy history and make way for development that doesn’t make any sense.

There is nothing smart about this development. Freeport is now dead in the water when it comes to revitalization. I do see some apartments going up, but they are nowhere near the LIRR where they should be. Does Freeport even realize that when the east side access happens, any NEW apartment building near the LIRR would immediately become desirable? Mineola gets it. So does Westbury and Farmingdale. Freeport? Naaaahh. Long Beach? hmm.. that is complicated.

History in exchange for terrible development is a Long Island tradition. Long Beach made this mistake already in the 1980s when they created that stupid Stop&Shop center handcuffed to an even more stupid 99 year lease. Ugh.. anyway, our City has no money to buy out that lease. We are broke. But if and when the opportunely comes knocking, I feel that some sort of smarter development would make so much sense at that location. We have the train, the downtown, the beach – all walking distance. I could see some sort of reasonable mixed use at that center. And by mixed use, I am not talking about a car dealership with nail salons…..

UPDATE: Gentle Brew closed down by the New York State Taxation Authority. I am hearing the owners are working on bringing it back.

YIKES! My home away from home! The place that supplies my daily coffee was shut down today by the New York State Taxation Authority. I am hearing that the owners are working on bringing it back. I will post any update I get regarding this. But for now, I am absolutely lost without my Gentle Brew coffee….

This photo was taken from the boardwalk location, but the main Park Avenue location has the same sign – for those who are wondering.

UPDATE: New York State Taxation Authority, not the IRS as previously mentioned.