Hey Long Beach, hate traffic and parking issues? Design the city for E-Scooters.[This is not a joke]

E-Scooters are not a fad. They are not going away. Many cities across the country are embracing them because they are the ultimate cure for traffic, parking and pollution. Tacoma has them, Seattle very soon, and now NYC is drafting legislation to bring them to the Rockaways, Staten Island and other parts of the city:

“E-scooter legislation is being crafted as commuters get familiar with pedal-assist e-bike sharing services launched over the summer. Riders have rushed down Bay Street on Staten Island and across the Rockaway Boardwalk without breaking a sweat thanks to the small, battery-powered motors that provide an extra kick when the pedals are in motion.

…….Not everyone can ride a bike and not everyone wants to ride a bike every day,” [Paul Steely White, the executive director of Transportation Alternatives] continued. “And these [e-scooters] really have the potential to democratize and mainstream city-friendly efficient transportation. So let’s get with the program and figure out how to make room for them on the streets.” [AMNY]

As long as the car-loving -baby-boomers are in control (easy, I’m generalizing here), E-Scooters will never properly be embraced in Long Beach anytime soon….. but if we want to keep the young here, fight traffic, parking issues and be kind to the environment, it might be a good idea for our officials to start looking into it. I guarantee you are going to hear about these vehicles more and more in the future.

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Hey City of Long Beach: Bring us bike lanes! [NYC and the rest of the country are doing it]

From Long Island Streets:

“ICYMI, Pacific Boulevard is the next to be gutted and the city will not introduce bike lanes despite the high traffic of families and children as Pacific is home to one of the city’s most popular playgrounds, concession and beach area, well traveled by people going to school, and the Complete Streets legislation adopted July 2013.

To date we have had zero adherence to Complete Streets policy despite multiple large scale road reconstruction projects.”

So this entire Complete Streets initiative our City of Long Beach adopted is complete bullshit? If true, this is why the Rockaways are winning and Long Beach is failing. I was recently in Seattle and couldn’t believe how much that city has embraced bikes. More riding brings down traffic, the need for parking spaces (which we lack) and also there are obvious health benefits and helps us to be more engaged with our community. Long Beach, NY appears to be a backwards community that would rather appeal to giant pickup trucks that go through stop signs, I guess.

How can we stop this Pacific Blvd plan?

(The following guideline is complete bullshit, according to the City of Long Beach who adopted it.) 

For those keeping score, the Barefoot Bocce Semi-Finals have started

The Barefoot Bocce semifinals which began last night, continue tonight (Wednesday) and Thursday. Cheer on your favorite team over at the bayside by the boat launch ramp and skateboard park.

Please visit: barefootbocce.com. It’s worth a look to at least read the hilarious names of some of these teams. Being a junior member of the LB DOMS, I have no choice, but to root for them. Especially since they have uniforms. 

Some video of the Army Corps of Engineers dune project

The Army Corps of Engineers dune project and beach replenishment. We all know how inconvenient this project is… blah blah blah, but it’s a do-or-die situation. We either do it now or we die. Those of us who went through Hurricane Sandy back in 2012 know just how important this undertaking is for Long Beach future (see – Long Beach Future).

So I haven’t posted since the circumcision army took over Park Avenue back in July. I was kinda wondering how long I can go with that as the top post, but then took video of the Army Crops in action and had to share it.

Watch the two videos posted below. There is not much to explain here. They are replenishing the beach with sand that is being dredged out in the ocean. These videos were taken over at Neptune Blvd. The Army Corps are moving fast, so what you see here four days ago is already completely different today.  Also, as far as the sludgy sand quality is concerned, don’t worry. It will clean itself out. Everything is going to be ok.

Yay! We just got $4 million from NY State for boardwalk reconstruction

Senator Todd Kaminsky posted on Facebook that Long Beach will receive $4 million from New York State for reimbursing our boardwalk reconstruction:

“Attn Long Beach Residents: Today, I am happy to announce that Long Beach has received the over $4 million state reimbursement for reconstructing our boardwalk. In light of our city’s financial situation, I pushed very hard to move these payments forward and help get the city this much needed cash. I would like to thank Governor Cuomo and Senator Schumer for their continued to commitment to rebuilding Long Beach after superstorm Sandy. During these difficult times, I will continue to use the power of my office to help my community in anyway possible.

–  Senator Todd Kaminsky


Despite all the negative, here is a positive [about Long Beach]

I love Long Beach. That’s why I blog about it. I wouldn’t write a blog about elephant dung or Trump because I don’t like those things. I like Long Beach. Well anyway, here is a positive article from the New York Times letting NYC folks know about our great City by the Sea. Lots of great local businesses are mentioned. Check it out:

New York Times: Hop on the Train to Long Beach for a Summer Escape From New York City


Reader Mailbag: “My love for Long Beach is dying out.” [hey, I still have hope]

I received the following from a former Long Beach resident who changed plans on moving back due to the current nature of our city:

“I am planning on purchasing a home this Fall… and I was planning on coming back to Long Beach…. I have to be honest, with the raise in taxes, politicians lining their pockets with that tax money, and the whole upheaval of the government officials for Long Beach, I will no longer be purchasing that home in Long Beach! LB would be better off going under the town of Hempstead! My love for Long Beach is dying out….. Can you fix that?   – Patty

This feeds into my fear how Long Beach is on the path of losing full-time residents in exchange for summer renters [see what’s happening in Montauk]. Despite my constant ‘bad news’ posts, I still believe this City by the Sea is one of the best places to live in this area. We have the beach, the boardwalk, an ever growing crop of amazing food places popping up, plus our amazing community. Yes, times are tough, but we are going to get past all this. 2019 just cannot come soon enough…..

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