‘Lazy Days’ are numbered

My wife told me that the east end book store ‘Lazy Days’ (651 E Park Ave) is going to close at the end of August. Well that stinks. The owner might reopen somewhere near the train station, which would be a better location. In the meantime, he’s just going to concentrate on internet sales.

I would go in an interview the owner, but I once did a post calling for a bigger book store like (cough cough) Barnes & Noble. I doubt he knows about that, but I’m not taking any chances….

Speaking of lazy days, I was too lazy to get out of my car this morning to take a photo of the store, so I grabbed that image from Google Street View.

Over-saturated with Allegria

I seem to post more articles about the Allegria than the official Allegria blog itself.

First of all, for those who like spas, examiner.com has a small article on the Allegria’s spa. Read – Rooftop spa to open in Longbeach, NY winter 2009. Organic juices and smoothies sound great, but I still have no idea what a spa actually is… I’m picturing a bunch of Turkish guys sitting around in hot and steamy poses.

Change of topic: Retail!

What’s going on with that ‘now’ vacant space next door? What was once rare ‘boardwalk’ retail is now an empty lot. The hotel itself will have a restaurant and gift shop. Will the lot be more retail? Perhaps a much needed parking lot? I hope they go with the latter. Too much retail will start to make our boardwalk look like the Atlantic City boardwalk! Blah…

Newsday update on the Fedex tragedy. No update on the bomb threats.

Newsday.com has an updated article on the tragedy that happened Tuesday morning on Park Avenue involving a Fedex truck killing a pedestrian. This story makes me so sad because it can happen to anyone and I feel so bad for the victim’s family. We live in a town that is walkable and bicycle friendly, yet the way people drive makes it anything but. I know nothing about slowing down traffic, but something needs to be done. Do we need red light cameras on every light? Speed bumps everywhere? More Police? I have no idea.

Also, nothing new with that bomb scare that caused so much traffic this morning. Absolutely nothing. In fact, Newsday is the only local news that covered the story. It was obviously a hoax and hopefully will not happen again.

LIBN.com – Construction delays push back the Allegria’s opening

Long Island Business News (LIBN) is running an article on the construction delays of the Allegria Hotel. One positive piece you can take is that occupancy and booking sales are strong. I wonder if that will carry over into the dead of winter?

I, for one, definitely want to stay at this place in the winter (much cheaper rates!). I am so curious to see what it’s like to be a guest there. Of course I’ll give a full report with photos and all. Right now you can take a little peak inside. The interior looks really cool and futuristic. I love the jellyfish-looking ceiling lights!

Another interesting note from the article is the last sentence: If the Allegria is successful, look for another more midpriced hotel to check in to the neighborhood soon.

Well, we already have Jackson by the Beach, but that’s not on the boardwalk so the novelty isn’t there. Maybe that’s why the it’s for sale? Should we expect another old building to be converted into a hotel? The Hoffmann Manor perchance? There is the hotel plan at the Superblock, but hell is going to freeze over before that actually happens.

The reality is, I just want these hotels to bring me better food options. A little gentrification is not a bad thing. Not too much, but a little is ok.

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