Newsday – DA probes allegations of Latino bias in Long Beach case

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11/11/2009 DA probes allegations of Latino bias in Long Beach case

The Nassau District Attorney’s office is investigating allegations by a Long Beach Latino resident who says a group of teens yelled ethnic insults as they assaulted him last month.

The probe comes after police and victim Fernando Moreno, 26, differed over whether the original report of the Oct. 14 attack included a mention of slurs.

Police spokesman Lt. Bruce Meyer said Moreno did not tell police that the attackers used ethnically insensitive language.

“The victim didn’t say anything about it being racially motivated,” Meyer said.

But Moreno, 26, who does not speak English, told a reporter Tuesday he told an officer the attackers had used a string of insults as they yelled at him during the beating. He spoke to the officer at Long Beach Medical Center, where he was being treated for injuries from the attack.

Moreno said the officer did not speak Spanish and no translator was present. Long Beach City Manager Charles Theofan said a hospital employee served as an unofficial translator.

“I think this was an attack carried out because of my race, because I’m Hispanic,” Moreno said in Spanish. He said he bases that belief on the nature of the attack: His assailants did not try to steal his watch, cell phone or wallet, which contained $200.

Moreno said he set off on foot from his house about 8 p.m. Oct. 14 to go to a nearby grocery store when four males ambushed him on West Market Street. Moreno said the men broke his nose and chased him as he ran toward his house.

Once he reached the house, he said, his assailants turned and walked away. A relative of his wife called police, who met him at the house and drove him to the local bus depot, where he identified three males as his attackers. The fourth assailant has not been found.

Long Beach police arrested the three males and charged them with misdemeanor assault.

Lawrence Evans, 18, Ryankane Dixon-Harley, 18, and an unnamed juvenile have each been charged with third-degree assault, a misdemeanor, said Chris Munzing, a spokesman for Nassau District Attorney Kathleen Rice.

Evans’ attorney, Leslie Shamis of Long Beach, declined to comment. Dixon-Harley’s lawyer, Dennis Berkowsky of Long Beach, did not return a call seeking comment.

Munzing said Rice’s office took on the case because “there is a possibility the charge could be upgraded.” The case is scheduled to be presented to a grand jury, he said, but he did not provide a date.

The investigation by the district attorney’s office comes after the head of the nonprofit Círculo de la Hispanidad wrote a letter asking Rice to look into the case.

“We want the law enforcement institutions . . . to send a message to the community at large that attacks against Hispanics will be prosecuted to the fullest according to the law,” said Executive Director Gil Bernardino.

“Whether the incident is a hate crime or not we hope will be determined by the judicial system.”

Howard Stern, Oscar the Owl & Lido Beach

Today on his Sirius/XM Radio show, Long Island’s Howard Stern talked about his trip to Lido Beach where he released a rehabbed Owl back to nature.  Listen to the full story as King of all Media describes Lido Beach & surrounding area as being “beautiful.” Not a bad plug for our little barrier island. After all, his show is listened to by millions of people around the world.

The audio is a little over 12 minutes. Lido Beach & Long Beach are only mentioned in the beginning. At first he calls it Massapequa, but he is quickly corrected. I kept the whole story because it’s very heartwarming. Keep in mind, it’s Howard Stern, so there is some profanity. Not safe for children!

Long Beach man car surfing dies in Puerto Rico

Taken from – Report: Long Beach man killed in Puerto Rico.

A Long Beach man was killed after a bachelor party in Puerto Rico when he tried to ride on the roof of a moving car, the newspaper Primera Hora reported Sunday.

George Geiser, 29, was in a 1997 Isuzu Trooper with friends Shane Michael Ward, 22, and Sean Michael O’Toole, 30, early Saturday morning, when he pushed himself out a window and tried to climb onto the roof, police told Primera Hora.

Geiser lost his balance and fell from the car, which was traveling on Highway PR-115 near the village of Rincon in Puerto Rico.

The trio had been drinking since shortly after noon on Friday, police said.

“They were drunk,” Geiser’s father, George Geiser, 57, told The Daily News. “He was a good kid. I’m so upset right now.”

Aguadilla police told The Daily News that breath tests showed O’Toole had a blood-alcohol level of 0.19, while Ward blew a 0.13.

“George definitely liked adrenaline,” Nathan Wright, 27, a friend from Long Beach, told The Daily News.

“He liked to push the limits.”

Police told Primera Hora that they had not yet filed charges against Ward, who was driving at the time.

The manager of a Long Beach restaurant who knew Geiser and his family said the victim was a dedicated surfer.

“He was a very handsome guy, he was a very well-liked guy,” Andy Djoulia, 64, said of Geiser. “He was learning the insurance business. It was shocking, very shocking.”

Corporate Boardwalk

I was just reading McLaughlin, Fagen, Torres win on the and I want to single out an interesting item that was said by city counsel newcomer Mike Fagen. From the article:

Fagen also said he wants to seek other non-tax revenue streams, including an Adopt-A-Highway program that would allow businesses to sponsor sections of a newly constructed boardwalk, and naming-rights deals with corporations to finance the ice arena and Recreation Center.

1752863852_be2ca45c85_bNaming rights is a great idea for the arena, but corporate sponsor sections on the boardwalk? I’m sorry, but the beauty of the boardwalk is the idea that it’s an escape from reality. I love that OUR boardwalk isn’t overrun with restaurants and stupid stores like Atlantic City or Coney Island.  When I ride my bike or take a walk on the boardwalk I don’t want to be reminded of Subway-five-dollar-foot-longs or the latte-Mocha-Frappachino-Starbucks-flavor-of-the-week.  Besides, aren’t those corporate-sponsored flag signs attached to the lamp posts enough? I just don’t want to see OUR boardwalk look like the Jersey Turnpike.  Ok, I’m done with my rant.

You can read the full article over at the –  McLaughlin, Fagen, Torres win

Updated Election Results

Long Beach City Council – 100% reporting
Michael Fagen (D) – 17%, 3,599 votes   WINNER
Maureen Doherty (R) – 16%, 3,475 votes
Marvin Weiss (R) – 16%, 3,405 votes
Lenny Torres (D) – 17%, 3,527 votes   WINNER
John McLaughlin Jr. (R) – 17%, 3,651 votes   WINNER
Francine Adelson (D) – 17%, 3,507 votes

Long Beach City Judge – 100% reporting
Scott Nigro (D) – 47%, 3,440 votes
Frank Dikranis (R) – 53%, 3,803 votes   WINNER

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