Herald – Weisenberg explains his double dip (again, not potato chips & dip)

The Long Beach Herald has a followup article on the allegation of Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg’s double-dipping.  I really have no comment. Quite frankly, all this talk about pension bores me…

Read – Weisenberg explains his double dip. Assemblyman collects pension and salary

My first post on this topic – Double dipping, and I’m not talking potato chips and dip.

Double dipping, and I’m not talking potato chips and dip.

Ouch, this one hurts.  To be fair, I don’t know Mr. Harvey Weisenberg and I don’t fully understand this situation. The guy is everywhere and he does a lot for Long Beach. So take the article for what it is.

Mr. Weisenberg, 75, a Long Island Democrat, “retired” last year but continued to work as a lawmaker and remained on the payroll. As a result, he earns $101,500 in salary and collects a pension of about $72,000, according to the comptroller’s office.

Mr. Weisenberg was actually a chief sponsor of legislation last year aimed at cracking down on double dipping by local governments. “Double dipping?” said Mr. Weisenberg, asked about the appearance created by his notional retirement. “I don’t see this as that,” he added. “This is something I earned.”

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A few articles

Just a couple of articles I had lying around. Figured I’d pass them along. The first article isn’t as pleasant as the latter.

Atlantic Beach is our neighbor and I usually will mention any major news that happens next door. A body washing ashore is major news.  Read Newsday.com –  Man’s body found after it washes up on Atlantic Beach

This next article has a few cute suggestions on what to do in and around town. Read Newsday.com –  Summer drives: Point Lookout to Atlantic Beach

(Updated) 118 to 134 E. Park Ave.

Update on my last post about the new building at 118 to 134 E. Park Ave, Long Beach, NY.

The latest issue of the Long Beach Herald actually has a rendering of what the new building will look like. Guess what? It looks like ANY TOWN USA!!! I can’t believe the building department is going to allow the destruction of historic Long Beach, NY happen right before our eyes. I am sorry Mr. Rettner, but this building looks just like every other building being made on Long Island and across America, not the “showpiece on Park Avenue” like you said it would.  What a disappointment to go from 1940’s Spanish-style to a cookie-cutter looking building. Blah… If you want a preview of this building, I am sure you can find one that looks exactly like it on either Sunrise Hwy, Hempstead Tpke, or any other crappy looking road on Long Island.

Disclaimer: This is an independent blog and I am just expressing my opinion. Missed opportunity here Long Beach. Missed opportunity.

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