Seabythecity. com (version 2.0)

Welcome to the new blog!!

Lots of hiccups. Some links will take you to the old site and I still need to fix the tags and organize categories. In the end, this blog (wordpress) will be much easier to navigate and search than the last one (blogger). Plus, I will be able to add a lot more cool features!  If you subscribe to the RSS feed, you’re going to have to update it with the one I have in the upper right-hand corner.

Surfer codes and some other random photos

Surfers code. You need to enlarge the photo to actually see what they are. Although, I shoot manual and I think my eyesight is going bad.. the photo is a little blurry…

The aftermath of the Boardwalk Arts & Crafts festival:

The Aqua on the Ocean. I took this photo about two weeks ago. The tile has since been completed and it looks really nice.

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