The official Long Beach flower

Did you know that the hydrangea is the official Long Beach flower? Neither did I, but according to it is! That’s good news to me; my house is surrounded by them. Represent!

Here is a hydrangea tip: The flower colors are largely dependent on the ph balance of your soil. Do you want blue flowers? Add aluminum sulphate to the soil. Pine needles work too! They make the soil more acidic.

(photo by me)

Movies & TV Shows that were filmed in Long Beach

This is according to the Internet Movie database (

Titles with locations including
Long Beach, Long Island, New York, USA Here are the 10 matching titles:

  • Royal Pains” (2009) TV Series 8.1/10 (833 votes)
  • The Godfather (1972) 9.1/10 (356524 votes)…aka Mario Puzo’s The Godfather (1972) (USA: complete title)

City By The Sea (2002) , which takes place in Long Beach, wasn’t even filmed here. Good, because that movie stunk and it portrayed Long Beach as a crime-ridden disaster area.

So that’s it: ten movies that were filmed in Long Beach, but most likely not a complete list. The Godfather, which is considered to be one of the greatest movies of all time, definitely tilts the scale of quality up compared to the other films which range from mediocre to crap.

When people talk about The Godfather being filmed in Long Beach, it’s usually just about the wedding & the tollbooth scenes. Well, I recently watched the first two Godfather movies recently and it appears to me that more scenes were filmed here than what is documented.

There is a scene that was shot in front of a typical Long Beach house with street lined sycamore tress out front. Plus, there is a scene that was shot from an apartment where you can see the boardwalk and beach outside the window. I plan on doing some research to find out exactly where these scenes were shot. Not to mention, The Corleone family phone number was Longbeach-4-5620. So look for my complete Godfather / Long Beach guide in a later post. It might take me a while, so don’t hold your breath.

The new signs at The Walks are going up!

The new signs at The Walks are going up. I like them! They are very cute and I love the blue. They aren’t tacky or over done. Bravo! Click on the photo for a larger image.

Thanks to ‘walks assoc’ for the heads up and also for working on saving the old ‘walk’ signs. Thanks to Glyn for the suggestion in the first place!

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Side note: I’ve been noticing that this site has been getting hits from folks who aren’t from Long Beach. So for those who don’t know what we mean by “The Walks,” this is according to Wikipedia: There is a neighborhood known as “The Walks,” consisting of extremely narrow sidewalks between houses. Each “Walk” is named after a month.

I’ve mentioned before that the only other community in New York where I’ve seen something similar to The Walks was in Sunnyside Gardens, Queens. If anybody knows of another area, please let me know.

(Photo by me – today at around 9am)

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