1st Q 2009 Home Values in Long Beach

According to real estate website Zillow.com, home values in Long Beach are down 7-9% for the first quarter this year. This depreciation is not the end of the world for home owners, unless they absolutely need to sell. It’s a great market for buyers according to this Herald article Home Sweet First Home.” More young folks and first time buyers who are attracted to these low prices are flocking to Long Beach.

I looked for a Long Beach house in the summer of 2007 and I still see a few of them still up for sale today; ones that I thought were either overpriced or needed way too much work. That saying, I’m not sure how accurate Zillow.com’s data really is for individual house prices. I do see some mistakes, but as an overall average it can’t be far off.

(click on photo for larger view or here for full interactive map)

Long Beach Civil Service Commission chief quits

Newsday – Long Beach Civil Service Commission chief quits
No real comment on the article. It’s all about city worker / interoffice politics so I will let the article speak for itself.

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Catching up

I’ve bee out of town for a bit so here are a few things that happened while I was away.

  • The City of Long Beach approved the purchase of a GILLIG TROLLEY BUS. That’ll be a fun thing to see around town- plus it looks a lot safer than a Pedi-cab.
  • Speaking of Pedi-cabs – they’re in business. last night while coming home from the airport, my Beech Street Taxi cabbie complained about the “dangerous Pedi-cabs” hogging the streets over in the west end. I personally have no opinion of them yet and I wasn’t sure if his opinion was just a cab driver complaining about competition. The city is testing them out and can cancel the service whenever they want. Like everything else – time will tell. I am obviously not going to have a pedi-cab take me to JFK so don’t worry about competition Mr. Cabbie.
  • Speaking of my cabbie – he also told me that a giant brawl happened on the beach Friday between a few local high schools. He said it wasn’t enough to make the news. The only bit of info I was able to find online was from this topix forum. Local cab drivers are great for information. I should just hail a cab whenever I need a news story.
  • Speaking of news stories, I am sure most of you read this Newsday piece on the couple that ran a nightclub in their basement. Yeah, I am sure it’s not quite zoned for that.

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