The theme lately seems to be boardwalks has an article on boardwalks around Long Island and of course Long Beach is one of them. I’ve been to every boardwalk mentioned and they each offer something different; the activities at Jones Beach, the northern exposure of Sunken Meadow, or the nature walk through Fire Island which leads to the Lighthouse. They are all great! So if you ever need a change of scenery from our local walk, you should definitely check them all out.

Newsday – All aboard Long Island’s boardwalks

"Under the BROADwalk"

It’s boardwalk, not broadwalk.

I am not a journalist, so I am not here to correct people’s grammar. In fact, I make that mistake myself. It seems like a NY thing because most New Yorkers are the ones that make this mistake.

Is it because we have “Broadway,” one of the most popular streets in North America, programed into our subconscious? “Board” and “broad” rhyme, and they do have the same letters, which makes them anagrams of each other. So it’s not the worst mistake you can make mixing them up. The boardwalk is a very broad walk and it’s made of boards. It’s a spacious, wooden walk. So yeah, I can see how people make that mistake.

Still having problems remembering that it’s board and not broad? Just think of the famous Drifters song:

(Under the boardwalk) out of the sun
(Under the boardwalk) we’ll be havin’ some fun
(Under the boardwalk) people walking above
(Under the boardwalk) we’ll be faling in love
Under the board-walk (board-walk!)

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), you can’t hide from us!

This was just forwarded to me regarding the Anti-LNG movement. This event does not take place in Long Beach, but we know LNG ultimately effects Long Beach if it’s approved.Here are some of my older posts on this issue:
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Anti-LNG Campaign Group,


Please turnout this Saturday, June 20, from 11am to 2pm, for an anti-LNG event held by the Surfrider Foundation NYC Chapter at Rockaway’s 90th Street Beach on Long Island, NY.


The event will include a rally (they’ll have signs, etc. but feel free to bring your own), a press conference with some elected officials, a paddle-out for the surfers in the group at noon (planning for 100-200 surfers to paddle out, form a circle, and wave their “No-LNG” banner for the press), and a beach clean-up after. This is being held on International Surfing Day but this event is for all to come out and rally against LNG.


Attached is the flier, both a color and black and white version. Please distribute, turnout, and help Surfrider make this a huge hit.


Also, please hold July 1 from 4-7pm open for an event in Monmouth County , NJ along the shore. More to come on that.





David Byer
Water Policy Attorney
Clean Ocean Action
18 Hartshorne Drive, Suite #2
Highlands , NJ 07732
732.872.8041 (fax)


Keep us free from LNG!
Sign the PETITION at

walking on plastic

Part II of my “JUST SAY NO to a synthetic boardwalk!” series

There is a big difference between sitting under a shady tree and sitting under an umbrella on a hot and sunny day. It is so much cooler under the tree because it will absorb some some of the heat. The umbrella won’t. That is why a harder wood would be a better material than synthetic for the new boardwalk. A synthetic boardwalk is going to be hot. It’s not going to absorb heat.

Can you imagine how hot it’s going to be on a 90+ degree day walking on plastic with the heat bouncing back to your face? Never underestimate the power of natural material.

Just another reason why The City of Long Beach should consider a new harder wood over a synthetic for the new boardwalk.

Ye Ye Ye Olde Sign Post – Part III (Hence Ye Ye Ye)

An update to my The “Ye Olde $17,849” Question post, which is an update to my $17,849 street sign post, which was a comment to this June 2nd, 2009 City Council Proceeding.

Somebody named Arvis anonymously and graciously filled me in on what those Sign Posts are all about:

“The city purchased 50 signs and the signs are for the Walks. The money isn’t from the city budget but from the community development grant from the federal gov. This is one of many beautification projects the city does yearly with the money.

The signs the Walks are getting will be different than the historical block. The new poles slide over the existing poles which saves in the cost. So the new signs and poles cost about 350 a pole and the Walks have 50 poles. The signs will be blue with white lettering with a decorative top and bottom. The pole will be fluted. Should look nice.”

Thanks for the update Arvis! I am all for city beautification and I love how they will be different than the ones used for the historical block – each district should have it’s own flavor. I can’t wait to see them! The Walks deserve to be beautified. It’s one of the more unique districts I’ve ever seen. The only other place in New York where I have seen something similar was in Sunnyside Gardens in Queens – which is a great neighborhood for those who haven’t been there.

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