Allegria Hotel & Spa

The Allegria Hotel & Spa website is now live.

Promising “breathtaking views of the Atlantic and the NYC skyline” this Hotel & Spa signals a major change to Long Beach – transforming it from a sleepy beach community into a year round alternative to NYC or fancy Long Island Hotels like the Garden City Hotel. Hopefully it will remain an affordable place to live – buying or renting.

Beach Tennis USA invades Long Beach!

Nothing like strolling down the boardwalk on a hot summer night only to stumble upon a new international Sport – BEACH TENNIS!

Beach Tennis is basically badminton with small tennis rackets and a colorful tennis ball. There are two players on each side and shoes seem to be optional. The event was recorded to be televised on SNY here in New York. I can’t really comment on any specifics such as who won… but I can just tell you that the event was fun, funny, and most of all FREE!! Here are some pictures:

I have seen the future and it is good (or bad)

The City of Long Beach is changing and it’s changing fast. In the next 20 years, half the buildings along the boardwalk will most likely look like this:
I’m talking about The Aqua; Luxury Oceanfront Condominiums. Our very own “mini-Miami” – only 50 minutes from Manhattan. It’s only inevitable that Long Beach goes this route; The commute is great. The beach is great. It’s a great community with great food, culture and events. Plus you feel like you are on vacation 365 days a year.

Long Beach has lots of buildings. More than I thought actually… I would love to actually go around, take photos, and tag them all. Perhaps a future project? Well anyways, ‘The Aqua’ is still under construction and looks to be completed early 2009. For those who want to take a glimpse into the future of Long Beach, check out the official Aqua website. For good or bad, I foresee more of these types of buildings popping up all over the area.


The moon is extremely pretty tonight. If anybody in the NY area happens to stumble upon this blog within the next hour or so, please do yourself a favor and look at the moon. Of course once again I only have my iphone, so this photo does the moon no justice.

Farmer’s Market (update)

So I decided to ride my bike over to Kennedy Plaza to check out the Farmer’s Market. It was cute, but small, but cute, but small, but very promising. There were 3 stands – fish, fruit, and veggies. It was somewhat crowded which gives me hope that more vendors will eventually join the few that were there. Anyways, here are some pics. Sorry again for the quality, but all I had on me was my iphone.

Scenes from the Beach – on the 4th

Well the fourth of July came and went, but it hasn’t been properly celebrated yet here in Long Beach. That’s going to happen this Friday the 11th. Well at least we have Jones Beach fireworks to look at in the distance, not to mention all the other various illegal ones being set off. Here are some pictures in case you missed it. Sorry they aren’t the best photos. I didn’t have the right lens with me at the time.

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