Josh Bailey is a fan of Long Beach

New York Islander prospect and Ontario native Josh Bailey said some kind words about our little city when asked what he thought of Long Island. Point Blank, which is one of the better Islander blogs around, interviewed the young prospect and this is what he had to say:

“You go over to a town like Long Beach for some dinner,” said Bailey, “and it’s just a phenomenal place. The people are friendly. The hockey fans that recognize us treat us like gold. The weather, the beach…I mean, it’s just the greatest place to be.”

As a big Islander fan, I can certainly say that I am glad to have Josh on the team. He is a class act, his future looks bright and he looks to be one of the best play makers the team has seen since Pierre Turgeon in the early 90’s.

You can find the full article right here.

Stop Insanity Island!

There will be an important meeting this Thursday, January 29th, 2009 at the Long Beach Public Library at 6pm regarding the LNG project. I’ll be there and I hope you are too!

This email was sent to me regarding this issue:

Just a reminder of the important upcoming meeting in Long Beach to fight a LNG project slated to be built off our shore. Please make every effort to attend–tell and bring along your friends!
Everyone is urged to attend an upcoming scoping meeting this coming Thursday evening, January 29, 2009 at the Long Beach Public Library, 111 West Park Avenue, in Long Beach. The public speaking portion of this crucial hearing, the most important aspect to the scoping process, is scheduled for 6-8 PM. An open house is scheduled at the library between 4:30 and 6:00 PM as well. It is imperative that as many LNG opponents as possible show up for the public meeting at 6:00 PM. Many local politicians are sitting on the fence, waiting to see which way the public wind is blowing. We must show them that the public values its marine environment and wants no part of dangerous, polluting liquefied natural gas facilities off our LI coast! If you can speak at the meeting against this fossil fuel facility that would be great. If you do not wish to speak that is OK–your presence will testify to your opposition to “Insanity Island.” Bring your friends, family and acquaintances to the meeting, and spread the word to all about the importance it has for our environment. We hope to stop this misguided development in its tracks, just as Broadwater was defeated on the North Shore. Our ocean, just like the Long Island Sound, is a precious resource that demands our protection!
A few facts about Atlantic Sea Island Group’s “Insanity Island”: It is projected to be 14 times the size of Giants stadium, to be composed of 14 tons of stone and concrete fill, an island 10 times the volume of the Empire State Building. This concrete and stone island will threaten marine habitat and wildlife, an horrific industrialization of our ocean. Liquefied Natural Gas is up to 40% more dirty than American natural gas and would come from foreign sources such as Russia, the Middle East and Africa, the extraction and processing of which harms the ecologies of those nations as well. We already have enough cheap sources of natural gas to last many years. More importantly, we should be following a sane path of energy development that relies on renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, and energy conservation. Global warming and sea level rise are only heightened with liquefied natural gas. Investment in LNG facilities will only divert us away from clean energy develpment.
Again, the meeting on the 29th is extremely important–please make every effort to attend. We must stand up for our environment, our marine habitat, and all its diverse wildlife!
If you have any questions please give me a call or email. More detailed information about the ASIG project can also be found at Clean Ocean Action’s website or by calling them at 732-872-0111. All the best!


For more info, please read the Herald Community Newspaper article:

Beach Chairs and Umbrellas!

According to some notes from the last City Council meeting, It appears that the city will test chair and umbrella rentals on the beach this summer. And why not? It could bring lots of revenue to the city.

Hopefully they will plant a rental store right in front of the new Allergria Hotel. Not to mention the amount of beach-goers that come off the LIRR on a hot summer day. Four rental locations were mentioned, but not identified.


Three new eco-friendly Buses abound. Why is this news?
I DON’T KNOW! I just like the idea of Hybrid Buses. The GILLIG Hybrid to be exact. Hey, this is the air that we breathe everyday and the cleaner the better!

December 16, 2008 Item No. 5
Resolution No.
The following Resolution was moved by
and seconded by :
Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Purchase Three Eco
Friendly Gillig 29Ft. Hybrid Electric Low Floor Buses.
WHEREAS, pursuant to Resolution No. 9/08, duly adopted by the City Council
on January 15, 2008, the City entered in to Mass Transportation Capital Project Grant with the
New York State Department of Transportation, whereby the City would be afforded grant
monies to assist in the replacing of Transit Buses; and
WHEREAS, the City of Long Beach, piggy-backing on the San Mateo County
Transit District can purchase eco friendly, fuel efficient Gillig 29Ft. Hybrid Electric Low Floor
Buses at favorable specified prices obtained by said District, through their purchase of
approximately 700 buses; and
WHEREAS, the City of Long Beach Department of Transportation requires three
(3) buses at this time;
RESOLVED, by the City Council of the City of Long Beach, New York that the
City Manager be and he hereby is authorized to purchase a three (3) Gillig 29Ft. Hybrid Electric
Low Floor Buses with specified options at a cost of $600,000.00 each, for a total cost of
$1,800,00.00 from Gillig Corporation, 25800 Clawiter Road, Hayward, California 94545. Funds
in the amount of $162,460.00 will be made available in Account No. H1100.52004 (Purchase of
Transit Buses) at the time of delivery and funds in the amount of $1,299,680.00 will be provided
to the City through a Federal Mass Transportation Grant and funds in the amount of $393,949.00
will be provided to the City through State funds at the time of delivery as well.

Curling comes to Long Beach!

Curling – the sport that seems to fascinate everyone whenever the Winter Olympics come along.

Curling? You know, It’s kinda like shuffleboard, but with Ice, a large puck and a broom.

Well if you ever dreamed of becoming an Olympic Goal medalist in the sport of Curling, now is your chance! Long Island Curling has invaded the Long Beach Arena. Classes are available and when you’re good enough you can join a curling league!

Check out the Long Island Curling website for more info.


The future of Long Beach being considered:

A collection of interesting notes taken from the City’s Comprehensive Plan, Master Plan & Planning Board Charrettes.

1. A redesign of Waldbaums shopping center – the only shopping center in Long Beach. Strip stores – bring those stores to the street with parking in the rear. It would compliment the downtown district better.

2. Would Long Beach ever consider licensing bed & breakfasts?

3. Artwork included in building design of new high rises, similar to Portland, Oregon.

4. The redevelopment of the bayfront area located between Long Beach Boulevard and the Long Island Rail Road tracks. Conceptual plans include: a 250-slip marina, “salt air” performing arts center / amphitheater, promenade, five mixed-use towers that would contain residential units, a marine science center, restaurants, A water taxi to Island Park.

5. An architect has been hired by the City to design the Recreation facility rehabilitation project. Upon completion, the facades of the Recreation center and ice arena will compliment one another.

6. The location of the Public Works municipal parking garage on Long Beach Boulevard is considered problematic. In addition to its appearance and the congestion caused on Long Beach Boulevard by city vehicles having difficulty turning into the lot, there is not enough room in the structure for the addition of a natural gas refueling station. As a result, at this time, the City is unable to switch to more environmentally friendly natural gas vehicles.

7. Appropriate placement of bicycle facilities and racks, clear marking of the pedestrian route from the LIRR station to the boardwalk, and provision of shuttle bus service between the LIRR station and beach areas, would act to reduce traffic and beachfront parking needs.

8. The Long Beach Island Landmarks Association have also been working toward the creation of a Long Beach Historic District that would include the West Penn Street blockfront with parcels from National Boulevard to Lafayette Boulevard.