King David Manor…. the Second?

The King David Manor.

Yes, we all know it. Yes, we all loathe it. It definitely has been an eyesore in the community for so many years. So many people know about this building that it actually starting looking at it as if it were a landmark. I actually find the building to be charming.. but the again, I am weird. well say “good bye” to King David and say “hello” to The Allegria Hotel and Spa.

Renovations are currently underway by the Alrose Group. After digging around their website I found a photo of the finished product:

When done, this “King David II” (aka Allegria Hotel & Spa) will be two stories taller and a lot fancier. It will actually be marketed as an alternative to the Garden City hotel- and why not? It’s 15 minutes to JFK. Walking distance to the LIRR, and it’s on the beach!!! It’s basically a win-win situation for Alrose Group, Long Beach, and those with lots of money.

New Developement

Just a quick post on new development which is going on in our city right now. Later, I will give more detailed descriptions on each development.

Three major projects going on right now.

One is the Renovation of the King David Manor. Go to and click on OTHER PROPERTIES – it’s the one on top. The King David is completely gutted and work is underway.

The second is the bayfront redevelopment project. I will post more on this later.

The third is the Superblock. I will post more on this later.