Allegria Finally Gets Abandoned Lot? (Rumor Alert)

A reader emailed in to say that cars were parking today in the abandoned lot next to the Allegria.  Could the long vacated lot, under new ownership, have finally been leased or bought by the Allegria?  Could the infamous Parking Wars finally be over?  I have no idea – but I shot out an email to the lot owner to figure out what the deal is.  When I was there, all the signs were the same, and the “for sale” sign was still up.  I would guess they may have made a short-term arrangement with the new owners because much of the SUPERBLOCK which they have often used as parking has been completely taken over by construction and the Craft Fair

During surfpocalypse, that lot is currently spoken for though.  According to the original map (which has already gone through revisions) that area will be used as the media zone for all their equipment and satellites.  As one of the photos shows, a mobile generator has already been brought in.

The only strange thing about the whole situation is that even with all the space that lot affords the hotel, they were still using – what one reader dubbed – the “Ferrari parking lot.”  That coned off area extending into the intersection on National Blvd was still packed with parked cars when I went over.

I’ll update if I hear back from the Hotel or The Engel Burman Group.





That lot is really going green – and loaded with cars

And the “Ferrari Parking Lot” alive and well with a Corvette