Gear up! (Our Kids. Our Money)

You say, “I don’t have a kid in the schol district, so why do I need to vote in any school election?”
Let’s take a moment and think. You should vote in our District’s School Board elections as the Propositions, Trustee votes effect your wallet and more importantly the future of the children attending the schools in our District.

Up for next week’s vote on Thursday, October 18 

Proposition 1

Expenditure From Capital Reserve

Shall the Board of Education be authorized to expend a sum not to exceed $5.7 million representing monies from the Capital Reserve Fund with the following purpose (s): renovation of Long Beach High School required as a result of a ceiling collapse in the Spring of 2012, including all ancillary and incidental work required to be performed. Since the funds to be extended hereunder our from the Capital Reserve Fund, approval of this proposition will not require a levy upon the real property of the district. 

Get out and vote!