No Booze for You (Dry Live Site)

(Update 8/22/2011: This is now confirmed by the latest update to the FAQ, according to the City:  “Note: No alcohol will be sold to the public.”)

In a move that I can only see as a good thing to assuage local fears of rowdiness as well as ensuring a less chaotic scene at the Live Site, the original plans to include the sales of alcohol at the venue have been canceled.  The original map included a beer tent of sorts that was going to allow those with proper ID to purchase alcoholic drinks, and consume them in only a limited area.

Beyond parking, the residents number one concern is security and crowds around the Quiksilver Pro‘s Live Site – where action sports demos and concerts will take place through much of the competition.  Finding that the usually strict City of Long Beach was going to allow a beer tent was a surprise to many.  Seeing that they may have canceled this idea highlights that the City is taking the concerns of the residents very seriously – albeit a bit late.

With the combination of private security, regular LBPD, and special “blue shirts” on patrol during the competition, not allowing “legal drinking” at the site will only help the cops maintain security.  This is great news for the bars around town, like Biddy Mulligan‘s and Sutton Place – both close to the competition – and all the West End spots.  I think this is a win for resident concerns and will lead to a better event.