[RUMOR] That Lot Next to the Allegria (Might House a Moderately Priced Restaurant).

Do you know that empty lot right next to the Allegria Hotel? In August 2011 we learned how it was purchased by The Engel Burman Group, developers of Aqua on the Ocean (read – Aqua on the Ocean Owners Get A Lot). Besides a few trucks during Quiksilver Pro, that empty lot hasn’t seen any action since then, until an advertisement for Aqua on the Ocean appeared a few months back. So far no real movement, but I am hearing whispers that the new development will be similar to the Aqua on the Ocean with the addition of  a “moderately priced restaurant” on the boardwalk level that will be open to the public.

That lot is already zoned commercial, as you can see [photo below] the stores sitting next to King David Manor before they were demolished (circa 2007. Photo Credit: Phil Marino for The New York Times). I’m assuming mixed use zoning would have to be called for in order to add the residential space.

Although Aqua on the Ocean isn’t completely occupied, common sense tells me developers are going to continue to go after the luxury market in Long Beach since boardwalk/ocean views are limited and will always have an upside.

We desperately need more food on or near the boardwalk, since our current options aren’t enough:

  • Atlantica Restaurant @ The Allegria Hotel. (Expensive with mixed reviews – search this blog)
  • Overlook at the Beach [Formerly Vito’s] (I haven’t eaten at the new place yet. Any good?)
  • Chips and Soda from scattered snack carts (I would hardly call that dining)
  • Chips, Soda, Ice Cream and Hot Dogs from the city-run snack shacks (Ditto)

I was hoping we’d see some food trucks this summer, but it appears to be too late in the season to get that going. A moderately priced restaurant sounds good to me and would offer some good competition for the Atlantica at the Allegria. [Cue in all the “where are these people going to park?” comments.]

New E. Broadway Building (LB Keeps getting taller)

Despite all the FOR SALE signs sprinkled across the city, new stuff keeps getting built. An apartment-style building is going up on E. Broadway, between Lincoln & Franklin Blvds. It’s not the largest we’ve seen, but it’s pretty significant. Unless I’m missing something, this appears to be the tallest development in Long Beach since the Aqua on the Ocean in 2008 (see-I have seen the future and it is good or bad).

I borrowed some google map images as a comparison to what was there before: A one family house.

It makes you wonder just how long it’ll be until similar developments take over all of East & West Broadway.

OUT with the small and IN with the tall?

Our small city skyline keeps changing.  I’m not sure if this new building is a co-op, condo or rental. If this were ten years ago, we’d probably be looking at a photo of a mini-mansion, which would of attracted a higher price. Thankfully those went out of style.

Population increase & diverse housing appears to be part of the city’s agenda, but just how many people can this tiny city fit?

What WE WANT Long Beach to be. (Number Crunching)

Exactly a week ago I asked WHAT KIND OF LONG BEACH DO YOU WANT?  As of today (8/22) there were thirty eight different comments, but only eleven “copy & paste” votes. These results are based on those eleven.

Here are a couple of ways on how I dealt with categorizing these results:

  1. For The conversion of dilapidated buildings to expensive condos: A lot of you want to see old building be converted to new, but the affordable kind. Rather than separating expensive and affordable, I just lumped it all into the FOR column.
  2. For any question: If you wrote “I don’t care” or “I can go either way,” that was placed in the UNDECIDED or NO ANSWER column.
  3. HOTELS was a confusing category. I guess it wasn’t clear as to what was being asked. Many used it as a way to take a shot at the Allegria. So to simplify things, all negatives are in the AGAINST column. If you said something along the lines of “Could be great, but they need to get there act together” – that tells me you are rooting for it to work, thus went into the FOR column.

We had two categories that were unanimous across the board:

  1. We love our LOCAL EVENTS: After all, The Polar Bear, Wounded Warriors, Irish Day , fire works, concerts on the beach, marathons and the countless fine arts shows are what gives Long Beach its unique flavor.
  2. Surprisingly, 100% of you want RETAIL & RESTAURANTS ON THE BOARDWALK. Of course, you all pretty much wrote the same thing: IF DONE RIGHT.

BIKES: Bike lanes are split down the middle and the majority of you dont want bike rentals. The later aren’t for us residents, so of course most of us don’t want them. As far as bike lanes are concerned, I can see why most of you see no need for them. After all, they’re just a bunch of lines painted on our streets. I just want to see the city address the safety of bike riding on Park Ave & the bridge and I’ll be happy.

MAJOR EVENTS: This one was another shocker. Amidst the fears of parking, large crowds & drunk people (see – No Booze for You), we want these events. So no more surfpocalypse complaints, ok?

DEVELOPMENT: Whether it’s the Superblock, Bay area or the conversation of old to new (ALL HAIL KING DAVID!), we want Long Beach to be developed. Again, most of you wrote that with an asterisk: IF DONE RIGHT. The issue of how big these developments should be will be saved for another story…

HOTELS: ahh, the topic that was talked about the most. Regarding the Allegria, we know the negatives; they are well documented on this site. As far as the positives are concern: “If they get their act together” or “they need to get their act together” was the general census. What about other hotels in Long Beach? Well, we have the mysterious Jackson which doesn’t appear to be a hotel anymore. The bottom line is: it looks like we won’t see any more hotel development, unless the economy improves. Long Beach, after all, used to have a ton of hotels, so having more than one won’t be something new here..

That’s basically it. If more votes come in and we hit the 22 mark (double of what we have today), then I will do an update.

VOTE HERE: What kind of Long Beach do you want? City vs. Suburbia. FIGHT!

Aqua on the Ocean Owners Get A Lot (Rumor Confirmed)

Following up on this April article about Aqua on the Ocean’s owners – The Engel Burman Group now owns the abandoned lot next to the Allegria.

When I talked to the developer, they confirmed the basic story here, and said they are looking forward to developing this “great piece of real estate.”  In the short term, they’ve already contracted with Quiksilver to use the site as a Media Zone during the competition.

The developer said they are not yet sure what they plan to do with the site, but that it is a one-of-a-kind plot, right on the ocean and they already have permitting to develop a multi-family building (though that is not necessarily the direction they are going).

After the Aqua, it will be interesting to see if they go the way of a another condo complex, or if they look at retail/restaurant as a better use of the space.   We all know the parking wars that have gone on across Broadway, so that will certainly create a challenge for anything commercial.  What do you think they should do with that 1/3 of an acre lot?

Press Release: Long Beach’s Aqua on the Ocean Unveils Live Streaming Beach Webcam

Smile, you’re on a webcam. Aqua on the Ocean issued a press release the other day regarding a new webcam that they installed.  The cam worked on monday (April 11th), but as of now (April 13th), it’s offline. I wonder if complants about privacy had it turned off. Developing……

The Press Release:





*          *          *

After a busy winter in sales, Aqua Readies for the Warmer Seasons

LONG BEACH, NY (April 11, 2011) – With spring finally on the horizon, Aqua, brand new condominiums on the ocean, is coming off its busiest winter yet and introducing a webcam to showcase year-round living on the beach. The onsite webcam gives an “outside” look at everything Aqua and Long Beach has to offer. The webcam points towards Surfers Beach, where many will be surprised to find year-round activity, despite the cooler weather.

Visitors to the webcam are invited to check out the surf, watch the world pass by on the boardwalk, enjoy magnificent sunsets, or just spend time gazing into the Atlantic Ocean.  Offering breathtaking ocean views and the best of luxury living in Long Beach, Aqua boasts 36 stunning residences, awe-inspiring views of the Atlantic Ocean, and lavish amenities including private elevatored entry into each home’s grand stone foyer and beautiful private terraces.

“This past winter has been one of our busiest seasons yet here at Aqua. With over $10 million in sales this winter, we have reached 70 percent sold,” saidJan Burman, President of the Engel Burman Group, Developer of Aqua. “With the unveiling of a new model home and introduction of a webcam streaming live video of the boardwalk, Surfer’s Beach, and the Atlantic, the momentum and excitement at Aqua has escalated well through the winter months.”

The new, beautifully furnished model home, designed by Alexis Ryan, who has also styled three other models at Aqua was unveiled in December. The 1,965-square-foot, two-bedroom model home offers oceanfront views, a private terrace and expansive floor-to-ceiling windows.

Aqua’s striking curvilinear facade and “aqua” windows stand out along the Long Beach boardwalk. Adding to the luxury beachfront experience, residents enter through a porte-cochere into a stunning atrium attended lobby with dramatic two-story waterfall. From the moment you step from your private elevator entrance into the grand stone foyer, each residence envelops you with a sense of serenity and tranquility. Homes feature rich bamboo flooring, open kitchens with Wolf ranges, SubZero refrigerators, and Meile dishwashers, gracious 5-piece marble masters with whirlpool baths, and gas fireplaces in the living room.

The amenities offered at Aqua include a 24-hour doorman and concierge, valet parking, cabana service, indoor pool and sundeck, outdoor hot tub, state-of-the-art fitness center and oceanfront club room with a sunset terrace. The building also features a serene Zen garden with putting green and outdoor children’s play area.

“The view from each home at Aqua is so absolutely breathtaking, we wanted to be able to offer potential homebuyers a closer look at the spectacular ocean views from the individual residences and oceanfront community amenities,” said Jacqueline Urgo, President of The Marketing Directors Inc., exclusive sales and marketing firm for Aqua.

With a limited collection of homes still available, Aqua offers two and three bedroom residences, ranging in size from 1,730 square feet to 2,395 square feet, with unique penthouse residences with private rooftop terraces and outdoor kitchens. Prices range from $999,000 to over $3,000,000.

For more information or to view the model homes, please contact the sales office at 1- 877-501-2782 or visit http://www.aquaontheocean.com.

Visit http://www.aquaontheocean.com/liveWebcam.html to view the onsite webcam.

The Engel Burman Group has partnered with Cedar Summit on this development.

About The Engel Burman Group:

The Engel Burman Group is a privately owned business with origins proudly rooted in Long Island, which, develops and manages prime properties up and down the Eastern Seaboard – from Montreal to Miami.

Engel Burman’s commitment to breaking new ground, pioneering new paths, and delivering superior product has inspired and resulted in the completion of numerous fine residential communities including; The Seasons at East Meadow, The Bel Aire in East Meadow, Ocean Grande in Rockaway Park, and The Seasons at Plainview, as well as the development of The Bristal Assisted Living.

For more information visit: http://www.engelburman.com/


Surfer codes and some other random photos

Surfers code. You need to enlarge the photo to actually see what they are. Although, I shoot manual and I think my eyesight is going bad.. the photo is a little blurry…

The aftermath of the Boardwalk Arts & Crafts festival:

The Aqua on the Ocean. I took this photo about two weeks ago. The tile has since been completed and it looks really nice.

sea by the city by the sea by the city by the sea by the city by the sea by the city


I have seen the future and it is good (or bad)

The City of Long Beach is changing and it’s changing fast. In the next 20 years, half the buildings along the boardwalk will most likely look like this:
I’m talking about The Aqua; Luxury Oceanfront Condominiums. Our very own “mini-Miami” – only 50 minutes from Manhattan. It’s only inevitable that Long Beach goes this route; The commute is great. The beach is great. It’s a great community with great food, culture and events. Plus you feel like you are on vacation 365 days a year.

Long Beach has lots of buildings. More than I thought actually… I would love to actually go around, take photos, and tag them all. Perhaps a future project? Well anyways, ‘The Aqua’ is still under construction and looks to be completed early 2009. For those who want to take a glimpse into the future of Long Beach, check out the official Aqua website. For good or bad, I foresee more of these types of buildings popping up all over the area.