Report: Residents of Asbury Park, NJ are NOT happy with iStar Residential

Superblock developer iStar Residential has been facing lots of opposition with their projects in Asbury Park, NJ. Different than the two buildings proposed here, iStar has ambitions to load this historic New Jersey beach community with townhouses galore [see:].

Steven, editor from the local blog Asbury Pulp, gave me a rundown on why so many are upset with this plan:

“The biggest issue is one part of the development: 16 townhomes along a stretch of waterfront that has long been a popular spot with surfers and fishermen – referred to as North Beach, where Deal Lake meets the ocean. Many want iStar to let the county buy this parcel at market value with Green Acres funding. But as of now, iStar still plans to build the townhomes.

Elsewhere, some feel the aesthetics and scale of proposed other buildings do not fit the character of Asbury Park. Their project here stretches along the entire boardwalk and goes several blocks in. Already, some buildings that many felt had historical value have been demolished to make way for new condo buildings. This also hasn’t been popular with a lot of people.

In some ways this is different than what we’re worried about here: The historical building on our superblock has been long gone. Aesthetically, the superblock is pretty damn ugly as it is. We do have overdevelopment fears in common. That being said, it’s interesting to see another nearby beach town deal with iStar, development and the future of their beloved community.

SBTC is a Long Beach blog, so I won’t go into the specifics of this Asbury Park/iStar opposition, but here are some of the greatest hits:

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