As per request: Waldbaums is a dump.

A reader in the comments section made a request: “write about what a dump Waldbaums is.” So, here we go:

Waldbaums is a dump.

Waldbaums (85 East Park Ave – Long Beach, NY) is dirty and gross. I never shop there, so I really don’t know what else to say on that topic. Now, about that entire shopping center…..

The Waldbaums shopping center is a dump.

That entire Waldbaums shopping center does not compliment the rest of our downtown. We always complain about parking in Long Beach. The fact that center has plenty of spaces all the time proves just how disconnected it is to the other stripstores in that area. In other words: nobody parks at that center and walks the downtown. That doesn’t sound like smart development to me…

I would love to see that entire shopping center knocked down and redeveloped. Put the parking spaces behind the stores, just like what they did in Garden City on Seventh Street. This will bring all the stores to the street and will add to our walkable community.

We probably don’t even need a giant supermarket anyways. I mean, how many rows of ketchup do you need to browse before you pick the one you like? You can find the same exact stuff at Associated (663 East Park Avenue) or C-Town (1080 West Beech Street) and with much smaller lines!! Trader Joe’s (3418 Long Beach Rd. Oceanside, NY 11572) is the best if you don’t mind the drive. Or try the Farmers Market (Kennedy Plaza, Wednesdays & Saturdays). It’s been amazing this year!