Eco-Friendly Interior Design Comes To Long Beach

Long Beach resident Amanda Moore has high hopes of becoming Long Island’s premiere Eco-friendly Interior Designer. Her company Baby Green offers an eco-friendly alternative to those who not only care about the environment, but most importantly strive to live in a toxin-free home, tastefully designed to support their lifestyles and personalities. She wholeheartedly believes that “everyone should walk into a home they love every day.” While children’s room design and nurseries are her specialties, Amanda also offers all-encompassing, full-service interior design services as well as organizational services – which in her words will “whip a whole home into shape.”

‘Toxin-free’ designing isn’t new to Amanda; she’s been at it for over 10 years and has created eco-friendly kids rooms for Ana Ortiz and Charlie Sheen as well as the whole design of Leonardo DiCaprio’s New York City pad. I recently caught up with Amanda and asked her about Baby Green, toxic-free living in Long Beach and the importance of being eco-friendly.

So what made you open shop in Long Beach? 

I co-founded re:place, my interior design company in Manhattan, just over 10 years ago.  When it became time to think about a better school system for my son and 14 years of city life started catching up with me, we relocated Long Beach.

I’ve been very impressed with Long Beach’s forward thinking on environmental matters as a city and within the community. Because we are surrounded by the natural beauty of the ocean and beach – most of us drawn here for the recreation and well being they provide. There seems to be an inherent desire to protect those things. Also, a lot of the homes in Long Beach are on the smaller side, especially in the West End where I live, which naturally dissuades excessive living. And in tight communities, people just tend to care more about each other and the issues that affect us.

What does it mean to be an Eco-Friendly Interior Designer?

As an eco-friendly interior designer I help my clients create spaces that reflect their personality and lifestyle and that are in harmony with our planet. This creates personalized spaces that are healthier for the occupants than conventionally designed homes and leave a lighter footprint on the planet.

Why do you think it’s important to live an Eco-Friendly lifestyle?

We are only beginning to wake up to the number of toxins we’ve been exposing ourselves and our families to every day. The rise in cancer rates and childhood asthma are only a few of the indicators, but I also understand that this is a difficult reality for everyone to entertain. So I guide my clients in the “doing as much as possible” approach on the more easily acceptable foundation that it’s simply better to be safe than sorry. Because we spend so much time in our homes and indoor air quality has been proven to be more polluted than outdoor air, it’s certainly wise to eliminate as many toxins and VOC’s as possible. And I like to help prove that the changes can be beautiful, fun, easy and don’t have to cost a lot either.

Any Eco-Friendly design tips for us folks in Long Beach?  

Even though I’m a renter, I made a lot of eco-friendly, low-budget changes in my little West End bungalow. My list was to re-paint with zero-VOC paints (which seals off under-layers from off-gassing any further), replace dust-trapping wall-to-wall carpet with laminate floors (not inherently green, but they have the right level of durability and cleanability to stand up to Long Beach living for many years to come and longevity is certainly a factor when considering the environmental impact of renovation materials), install better ceiling fans so I don’t need to use AC, replace all bulbs with longer lasting CFL’s, use only nontoxic cleaning and personal care products, buy all new organic cotton bedding, and purchase reclaimed teak furniture and a few pieces finished with nontoxic paints and stains.

Click here for examples of Amanda’s West End Bungalow renovation, which she says is “just a good example of what can be done with small beach cottages.”

On becoming Long Island’s premiere Eco-friendly Interior Designer, Amanda says, “It’s a different notion of interior design than what Long Island is used to and I saw the need to focus on helping families love their homes out here, educate them on reducing clutter and toxins in their homes, and work within their real life budgets. There’s a long way to go here in Long Beach and across Long Island, but I think this town is ready to make an impact.

For more examples of Amanda’s work, check out her portfolio @ or contact her and ask about her initial consultations for the local area that are free and without obligation.

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