A basketball bubble dome and a new Master Plan? [Questions]

Dear Seabythecity,

Have you heard about the city getting a bubble dome placed over the basketball courts by the rec center?

Here is an RFP that was put our and was due on Nov 20It is the intent of the City of Long Beach to have furnished and installed an Arizon Air Supported basketball dome structure (“or equal”) that is approximately 165’ long x 116’ wide x 38 ‘high to cover two (2) basketball courts located at the Recreation Complex, Magnolia Boulevard and the Bay, Long Beach, New York. https://www.empirestatebidsystem.com/xfer/PublicSolicitation_Docs/SDIR~156549/0-RFB-basketball%20dome-304.doc

Here is info on the comprehensive plan and local waterfront revitalization plan


Both are news to me. I keep referring to the old Master Plan from 2005, so an updated one would be really nice.