Highlights of the January 17th City Council Meeting (Part 1)

City Council Meeting video (1/17/2012)

I’m sure there are a lot more important things that I may have missed, as I was only half paying attention when I listen to it. Here are a few items that stuck out for me. (Please keep in mind: The audio goes out about an hour and 28 minutes in. The city said they will release an MP3 of the entire audio, so I’ll release an updated post with notes from that last half hour once it’s available.)

UPDATE: The audio was posted, but I’m having issues with it. I’m going to contact the online communications director to see if a new audio will be posted. 

Jack Schnirman, City Manager Speaks:

@ 3:95 (with the past administration) We have seen BLANKET PURCHASE ORDERS for over $200,000. And requests that they go up to $400,000. This is basically a blank check.

@ 4:14 The City paid for Newsday deliveries to one of the employee’s homes.

@ 4:50 (with the past administration)  We’ve seen no tracking of items under $500.  We buy something under 500, it’s not tracked. No record of it.

@6:02  Since 2006 overtime has increased $900,000 or 66%.

@8:40 City Manager will be the final approval on all purchasing. And they will determine if there is a budget for that item and if they absolutely need to purchase it.

@9:00 They will establish an overtime approval policy.

Mike Fagen @20:37 “We have a challenge from now to the end of the year to come up with a plan to satisfy Moodys and have a structurally sound plan to put us back on the road to financial stability.”

Jack Schnirman: @22:10 “We have to slow down and hit the pause button on the city’s spending so we can get things under control.”


@24:00 Question on borrowing rates & when will they improve.

@28:00 Talked about lack of information from the previous council.

Mike Fagen @ around 30:00  “We got to this point because nobody knew what was going on.”

Fran Adelson adds @ 32:00 “We do want the public to know what is going on.”

@32:50 A resident questioned the new amount of power the City Manager has. “We voted for the city council” (See – LONG BEACH NEEDS A MAYOR)

@Around 37 minutes they started to go over items on the agenda. Starts off with a lot of “parking for a gym” talk. @49:00 A resident talks about how there is a bus stop there and how we should get more environmentally friendly (I agree – Yeah, ride a bike to the gym. Isn’t the whole idea about getting exercise?)

@57:00 Elevator talk

@01:00:12 Long Beach Surf Association Speaks

@01:24:00 A resident asks about the North Park area. Lots of good questions here regarding National Grid lines, brownsfield area, developments, etc. “The majority of the panel are aware of these concerns.”

@ 01:27:00 Len Torres answered. He talked about a Q/A session with National Grid as well as talks about developing the area in the bay, including the former incinerator site.

At this point in the video around 01:28:00, the audio clips off. I will listen to the MP3 when it’s available and post more.