Beach Boot Camp. (Have Fun. Meet People. Get in Shape)

“Strong is the new sexy,” according to Jodi Lederer, who runs BEACH BOOT CAMP in Long Beach every morning at the Pacific Blvd beach playground. Jodi runs two sessions daily: “Right now I have about six people at 8 am and twelve people at 9am. We have been out on the beach or in the playground since April… it was pretty cold.. but fun! My members are amazing.  The ages ranges from early 20’s to 68. We all work together and cheer each other on and have a lot of fun. Some of the women really amaze me.”

What happens when it gets cold outside?

Jodi says they’ll be outside until this Saturday, October 22nd. After that they’ll resume on November 5 at the Island Park United Methodist Church (364 Long Beach Road). This will be a seven week indoor session that will cost $125 total. It’s not all about Boot Camp though, Jodi says she’s planning a mid-winder event for all her members and potential new members. “Not sure of the details yet.. Some kind of free workout.. Bagels.. Boot camp and Bloody Marys.. End of January.. its a great way to get new people involved..”

Sounds like a fun way to get in shape and meet new people!

THE DETAILS: Pacific Blvd beach playground until October 22nd 8am & 9am. $15 each session. Starting November 5th at the Island Park United Methodist Church for Seven weeks for $125.

Contact Jodi for more info @, call 516-225-9420 or visit WWW.BECOMEASTRONGERU.COM