Theofan: “The reality is, if (The Beach Patrol Headquarters) couldn’t be moved, or if it falls apart while we move it, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) won’t let us rebuild it”

That quote in the headline is from the Long Beach Herald article: Beach Patrol Headquarters to be repositioned. I am guessing that same DEC rule applies to all the bathrooms and snack shack structures on the beach, although those seem more permanent and less likely to float on water. This stuff is grandfathered in and once it’s gone, it’s gone. So building new Beach Patrol Headquarters is not going to happen.

For that, sometime this week we will know the fate of our local-Youtube Celebrity (23,400+ views and counting). If this plan doesn’t work, Should we keep the structure where it is as a conversation piece and a place that can still be used?  Or knock it down and be left with nothing?

I do know one thing: They better act fast before federally-protected Oystercatchers decide to nest at the foundation. Of course my wife who is involved with the South Shore Audubon will tell me that the Osytercatchers usually nest between April & Aug, but whatever….