Beautification through art, encouraging more to do similar projects around town

Those who have been following my instagram account know about the art project that’s happening in front of Healing Oasis on Park Avenue. There you’ll find ‘The Bear,’ renowned artist of the LB DOMS Beautification Committee hard at work giving our sidewalks something colorful to actually look at. As of now, The Bear is putting his finishing touches on two flower pots. According to Richard Boodman, CEO of the LB DOMS, “This idea is to encourage more people in Long Beach to do more of this kind of work around town.”

Look for updates on this project both here and instagram. If you happen to run into the The Bear in his natural habitat painting pots, tell him Seabythecity sent ya.

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My Most Absolute Favorite Thing In Long Beach: A Chain Around A Stump


Gracing the sidewalk over at W. Park Avenue near Magnolia Boulevard is the most deceiving, bulletproof and badass way to protect garbage pail from being stolen (see self-explanatory image above). This is a warning to anybody who tries to steal that garbage pail: Don’t let the chain around the stump fool you; once it’s lifted over, a wire is then triggered which releases a giant anvil that is right above your head. You will be crushed Wile E. Coyote-style, reducing you into merely a stump (no pun intended).

In other news: I was recently in the Rockaways checking out their post-Sandy recovery efforts. They are getting some really nice looking garbage and recycling pails (image below). I like these because they are colorful, plus birds can’t really get inside them! These pails are bolted down with access is on the side via doors. They look like they can last a long time too! Smart investment!


Not in the Rockaways, but here is another really cool Garbage/Recycling idea. In the name of beautification, even the look of garbage pails count!!! These can be purchased here:


Beach & Boardwalk Beautification Ideas (from Florida)

I recently went on a trip to Florida where I experienced 88 degree weather drop down to 45 degrees in a matter of days. Still, it was nice to get away and check out other beachside areas and compare them with ours. I visited Fort Lauderdale & Hollywood. Both had some really cool beatification ideas that could work here!

I’ll start first with Hollywood, Florida. Hooray for Hollywood, Florida! Somebody told me prior to my trip that Hollywood was a dump. It was far from that! It actually reminded me a lot Long Beach. There were older & newer mixed residential buildings with a beach-side walk parallel to the ocean. It did seem like it was going though a renaissance, so that gave me hope about our own beach town renaissance.

This is the beachside walk in Hollywood where I got to see cool painted ticket booths, statues, ornamental lighting and murals! Oh yeah, no garbage anywhere! It was so clean!

IMG_3074One thing I really liked about Hollywood, FL was the amount of detail and art that was scattered throughout the city. In the next two photos you’ll see a mermaid, mural and fish-themed tile mosaic bench. Art for art’s sake. They were created just to make us smile.

IMG_3079 IMG_3081

This next photo of the booth really made me very happy. All this talk in the past about painting the ticket booths in LB, I never would have thought of this design. It’s so simple, yet so effective! I can almost picture a similar design in Long Beach for either our ticket booths or bathrooms.


The next batch of photos are of Fort Lauderdale, beachside along route A1A.

When I took this next photo, the temperature was in the mid-80s. The paved walk was so hot that I was actually melting. Bike riders use the bike lane along the road and there were hardly any joggers.

Look at the mural in the background. Again, Art for art’s sake.


Fish welcoming all to the beach. Art for art’s sake. This statue was actually made out of water bottles. IMG_3034

I end my journey here with separate recycling & trash containers. Note: They aren’t junky, rusty bent ones chained to a railing! IMG_3031

Painting the rest of the booths [One Giant Art Project!!]

THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN AND THE FEEDBACK HAS BEEN OVERWHELMINGLY POSITIVE!! Everbody seems to LOVE the freshly painted and colorful booth over at Magnolia Blvd (Read – We came. We saw. We Painted. [One Booth is Done]). Besides the 100% positive feedback commented on this site, we had many LIKES on Facebook, plus I received dozens of emails from supporters, residents, community leaders and business owners looking to donate their time, money and supplies with the sole the intention of getting the rest of these booths painted asap.

The only negative I saw so far were a couple of folks on a hidden LB Patch-thread trying to turn this volunteered community beautification/art project into a union-issue. It’s not. Just like Cleaning-Up-The-Beach day, painting a mural on a wall or planting flowers on city property – a bunch of us Long Beach residents volunteered our time to paint that booth. None of us got paid. This particular booth wasn’t slated to be painted anytime soon. We did not mean to offend any beach maintenance /union workers at all. We didn’t just repaint it the same beige color and call it a day. Please look at this as a volunteered community beautification/art project, because that’s all what it was and I will stand by that (since I am the one who started it).

Moving Forward: An overwhelming amount of you loved our color palette and want to see more colors and variations of our design. Perhaps we can have a design contest for each booth? Our original plan was to paint one booth this fall, see how it goes, then work on a Paint-A-Booth day for next spring. We have all winter to talk about this, so let’s have fun!  Since it’s a grand community volunteer beautification/art project, we’re going to need your support. So please email me or follow this blog for updates.

I want to personally thank you all for your emails and kind comments. I am so proud of what we accomplished last Friday; I am so proud of the kind folks who helped out and volunteered their time and energy; I am also so proud of those who allowed us to do this community beautification/art project.

We came. We saw. We Painted. [One Booth is Done]

Today, as a community art project, we painted one of the ticket booths on the boardwalk. For the history of how this came about, please read the following seabythecity posts:

The Victim: The Magnolia Blvd Ticket Booth

The goal of this project was to just see what we can do, get some feedback and hope it kick starts something bigger. If feedback is positive, then perhaps next spring we can organize a volunteer Paint-A-Booth day. If you don’t like what we did, please give us constructive criticism instead of just saying “I don’t like what you did”. We worked hard and volunteered several hours of our time (and some money) to do this. So please be nice and tell us what you think 🙂

WHO ARE WE? I would like to thank Allison, Bob, Tricia, Arnie, Sherie / Ree,  Jamie and a few others whose names I didn’t get. I think we all did a wonderful job! Also, a big thank you to those who came by and said hi! I want to write more, but I can’t seem to get the paint off my fingers and it’s getting all over my computer keyboard!


Monroe/LB Blvd Mall Beautification, “Minor” Lot Development, Bike Stencil Comparison & Combination [INSTAGRAM]

I mentioned in a previous post how Seabythecity is now on instagram, which is a social photography app that is available for both the iphone and android. I’m not going to be annoying and abuse it, but I’ll casually snap a photo or two of stuff that peaks my interest. You can actually view all the photos on tumblr where they automatically get dump:, or just add me on instagram by downloading the app (iphone,android) and searching for seabythecity. How’s that for social networking?

Here are a few photos:

Monroe/LB Blvd Mall Beautification: This week we have a new addition at the Monroe Blvd / Long Beach Blvd Parking mall on E. Park Avenue (you know, the one that has us scratching our heads).

As you can see in the photo below, a giant anchor and cleat (nautical, not footwear) appeared unexpectedly. There are actually two sets of these: one at each end of the parking mall. Whoever was responsible for bringing this to Long Beach, keep it up. We desperately need more random art scattered around town. Bonus Points goes to the city for not making it look like a memorial. Or was that Nassau County’s idea, since they own those malls? Either way, I like it.

Other parking/grass mall beautification ideas: Rowboat planters, a giant statue of neptune (like on our city seal); a giant statue of a mermaid (like on our city seal.) Oh, I think I wrote about that already: Read – Mermaids, Neptune, “Save the Clock Tower” & the City Seal (april 2011).

“Minor” Lot Development: Yeah, I’m talking about that empty lot next to the Allegria Hotel. In August we learned how it was purchased by the owners of Aqua on the Ocean (read – Aqua on the Ocean Owners Get A Lot). Besides a few trucks during Quiksilver Pro, that lot hasn’t seen any action since then, until this sign was erected. While it’s still unclear what the owners plan on doing with the lot, I just thought it was funny seeing this giant billboard smacked right in the middle. Maybe I’ll talk to the owners and see if I can get a Seabythecity billboard there too.

Bike Stencil Comparisons: I just thought it would be fun to compare some bike stencils. The first image is from the boardwalk, while the second was given to us by DecoBike: Read – Here Come The Bike Lanes (Updated: Stenciled Bikes By The Sea).

Isn’t this fun? yaawwn….  Well actually…While the first image has a person, two wheels and no bike. The second image has a bike with no person. Let’s combine them into the ultimate bike stencil: