Taxi Drama Update [Newsday – Court rules on Long Beach taxi medallions]

Head over to Newsday and read the latest on the Long Beach Taxi / Beech Street Taxi wars. Read – Court rules on Long Beach taxi medallions.  Some interesting notes:

“The Nassau County Supreme Court has ruled that a batch of licenses formerly held by Long Beach Taxi owner John Marsala were not his property, the latest chapter in the feud between the city’s two cab companies.

….Supreme Court Justice Thomas Phelan decided last week that because the licenses had expired, Marsala was not entitled to an appeal under the city’s code of ordinances, and that “the city’s denial of petitioner’s renewal applications was not arbitrary or capricious.” Because the licenses were inactive, Phelan said it was fair for the city to issue them to [Beech Street Taxi owner, Thomas] Cipolla.

Marsala’s attorney, Michael Zapson, said Saturday that they plan to appeal the decision..

Please note that Michael Zapson, who was on the LB City Countil back in the 1990’s, is currently the chairmen of the Democratic Committee. Democrats make up the majority of our current Long Beach city council. It has been suggested that this whole taxi-mess is allegedly political. Is it? Um….. I am not going there. You guys can argue that one out. Just don’t shoot the messenger.

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