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Big Shot Volleyball Series ($6,000 Totally Light 2Go Summer Breeze Tournament)

The Big Shot Volleyball Series, presented by Spalding King of the Beach Volleyballs, will return to Long Beach, NY on August 11-12 with the $6,000 Totally Light 2Go Summer Breeze Tournament. The tournament will be sponsored by 4C Corporation, the makers of Totally Light 2Go Powdered Energy Drinks and Vitamin Stix. The Men’s Open Finals will be recorded and shown on YouTube Tuesday night, August 14. The event is sanctioned by Volley America, the largest beach volleyball grass roots organization in the US.

Top male doubles teams will compete for $5,000 cash prizes at the tournament. Players will also earn points in the $25,000 Volley America Grand Prix, to be awarded at the end of the season. Tournament play will start at 9 am Saturday with semi-finals and finals starting Sunday at 11 am. Admission is free for all spectators. The tournament will be held on the beach at Riverside Blvd.

The Big Shot Volleyball Series holds 35 events leading to the September 8-9 Big Shot Championships in Atlantic City, NJ and the October 27-28 $5,000 Volley America National Championships at Clearwater Beach, FL.

Top male players in this weekend’s tournament include Pro Beach Volleyball player and EEVB Junior Program Coach, Mark Burik. Players also expected to compete are Brooklyn’s top player, Mike Salak, and his partner Greg Hunter from the Jersey Shore. All have played on the Pro Beach Volleyball Tour.

Top female players include Long Beach’s own Dana Fiume, who has also played on the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour. Other top LI females competing who have also played on the Pro beach Volleyball Tour include Hilary and Melanie Pavels. Melanie also plays collegiately on the Florida State Sand Volleyball Team and as an amateur cannot accept prize money until she graduates.

Separate divisions will be held for players of intermediate and novice levels on Saturday and Sunday. The $60 entry fee entitles players to a full day of tournament play, an official Totally Light 2 GO Big Shot Volleyball t-shirt, and prizes from event sponsor’s Spalding, Bally’s Casino, Hot Buttered Sunglasses, Sarasota Convention & Visitors Bureau, Zem Booties Sand Socks, Rider Sandals, Park & Sun net systems, Dig Magazine, and Sportime.

For further information and applications contact East End Volleyball at 631-728-0397 or www.eevb.net