50 Bike Racks!

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Long Beach entered into a contract to purchase 50 bike racks. I sometimes lock my bike to a dirty garbage can, so I welcome more bike racks. It looks like we are getting two different models:

  • BRBC-6 3 Loops Holds 6 Bikes [link]
  • BRBC-10 5 Loops Holds 10 Bikes [link]

Long Beach Streets, how are coils? Tires are on the ground, so that’s good, right?

Here is the purchase contract: BikeRackContract.pdf

What’s with all the bike rack-et? [OPINION]

12168116_10207734658345838_2074137550_nYesterday’s council agenda had an item about bike racks, which was adopted unanimously:

7. Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Purchase Bike Racks from the Lowest Responsible Bidder.

The City Manager is authorized to purchase surface mount bike coil racks from All Recreation Products, Islip Terrace, New York at a total cost of $28,005.75.

Sounds great……. but bike advocate Long Beach Streets has a lot to say about these racks. They don’t seem very happy:

“They did not review the bicycle parking study attached to the Traffic Safety Study commissioned by the City of Long Beach last year- a study conducted by actual transportation professionals. No, they took a field trip with a tape measure.

This is what they came up with and what the taxpayers are footing the bill for : 5′ and 10′ coil design (not recommended in the industry) bicycle racks (don’t ask what material, they could not answer) to be place on Park Ave sidewalks for like maybe 4 blocks. These racks allegedly hold 5 bikes. Do the math- 5 bikes @ 2′ x 6′ each plus space in-between. These are not going to fit with ample room for pedestrians, signage, receptacles, fancy plants and restaurant tables. Completely inappropriate not to mention a pain in the ass to impossible to safely lock a bicycle frame and wheel. [LINK]

I’m not going to pretend that I know anything about bike racks, but NYC has the racks in the image below. Long Beach Streets, are those ok? (text me). These racks are small, strong and you don’t have to lift your bike to use them. These single racks always seemed appropriate for urban sidewalks. But what do I know. I don’t ride a bike. I just fly around in my google adsense funded helicopter. Park Avenue really needs a helipad.

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Coming Soon To The Beech Street Sidewalks: Crazy, Cool and Different Bike Racks? [RUMOR]

Most of us agree that Beech Street in the West End needs more bike racks. I’m personally tired of using dirty, stinking, filthy garbage pails, street signs and other bikes to secure my own. When we think of bike racks we automatically think of the plain, soon-to-be rusty boring ones that are just bolted to the sidewalk and never taken care of again. But bike racks can add more to a community than just a place to lock your bike; they can be conversation pieces, works of art and sculptures which brings some fun to our community.

I was just sent the image below as a possible bike rack that is allegedly being considered for Beech Street. As the person who sent me the image tells me, “I would love to see each business try to outdo each other for the most clever, colorful bike rack!” It has been suggested that business owners might be asked to donate the bike racks, thus not costing the taxpayer a single cent.

As of now the style bike rack in the image below is not being installed, but it’s just one of the new ideas that’s being thrown around. Will it be installed? Only time will tell… but if I hear more, I’ll post.