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Dear FEMA, Please give us 2.5 Million for trees. Thank You, Love the City of Long Beach


“That Does Not Look Marvelous….”

No, Billy Crystal didn’t actually say that, but I’m sure he was thinking something similar when that photo was taken (From the City of Long Beach Facebook Page). Yes, the legendary Long Beach native Billy Crystal came to town yesterday with Senator Chuck Schumer asking FEMA to pay for tree replacement. 2.5 million big ones, to be exact. I really hope FEMA is listening because I really want my trees back!! But that’s the thing… Are going to get ANY trees this fall at all? I thought that was the plan all along. Or are Government-Issued seeds in our future? Just add water and wait 60 years….

From The City of Long Beach:

Senator Charles E. Schumer, with Long Beach Native Billy Crystal, joined members of the Long Beach City Council and City Manager Jack Schnirman to call on FEMA & HUD to provide approximately two-million five-hundred thousand dollars for tree removal & replacement throughout the City of Long Beach; Over two-thousand five-hundred trees in public areas, which are critical for flood & erosion prevention on the barrier island, were destroyed by Superstorm Sandy & must be replaced. [LINK]


Billy’s Way Looks Marvelous!

FgiFHLfBelow is an artist’s rendition of a new section of the boardwalk that will be known as Billy’s Way. Named after celebrity & former LB resident Billy Crystal, this bump out will be an extension of the eastern portion over at Neptune Blvd where Billy grew up. I haven’t seen any confirmation, but I’m assuming it will be bathrooms & showers, since new/permanent ones won’t be allowed to be built on the beach. If I am wrong on that, please let me know. I do know that this rendering looks amazing; I am loving the circular pergola.

I have to say, I like how this building is named after a celebrity and is not just another memorial. This is no disrespect to those remembered, but there way too many memorials around here; it’s depressing and getting out of hand. Billy’s Way is a celebration of life, comedy and hope, for those who have dreams they want to follow. Thank you for naming this building after Billy Crystal. It will definitely make me smile every time I “use” it.

Note on memorials: I don’t have a problem if it’s a memorial for a person who made an impact in Long Beach. My issue is for the ones where people just buy plagues and take over public space, and it has nothing to do with Long Beach.



How would you spend ONE MILLION DOLLARS on Long Beach?

Billy Crystal came to Long Beach this past Saturday and graciously presented our city with a check for One Million Dollars. It appears to that the money wasn’t for anything specific, as written in Newsday:

“City Council president Scott Mandel wasn’t sure how the money would be spent, but he said it would go toward recovery and relief efforts still under way eight months after the storm. (Source – Billy Crystal announces $1M gift to Long Beach)

So I figured it might be fun for us to talk about what aspect of Long Beach needs this money the most. Should it be spent on sewer upgrades? More beautification? West Elementary School? The hospital? Straight to the boardwalk rebuild? New sidewalks and pedestrian lighting on Park Ave? Or perhaps everybody’s favorite: Pensions? What else?

Let’s go shopping!!


Mysterious Billy Crystal Event Update

billycrystalAccording to Newsday, comedian, legend and one-time Long Beach resident Billy Crystal will announce his donation to Long Beach this saturday:

“Long Beach officials would not confirm the amount of the donation but said Crystal would make the announcement at noon while standing on a finished portion of the new boardwalk at the end Long Beach Boulevard. (article: Billy Crystal to reveal donation to Long Beach)

Awesome stuff. Definitely something you won’t want to miss. I still think riding in on an elephant is the best way to attract headlines and make history, but this is just as good. Thanks Billy!!!

TV ALERT: Some guy who grew up in Long Beach will be hosting the Academy Awards tonight.

And this will be his ninth time hosting it (1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2004 & 2012). Do you know what that means? It means that even you can host the Academy AwardsBilly Crystal proved to us that a small boy from Long Beach can go as far as the stars. [Insert Motivational Speech Here].

Anyways, Billy grew up in Long Beach, so it’s Long Beach news to me. Love him or hate him, you have to admit one thing: The man still looks marvelous.

Tonight @ 7:00 on Channel 7 (ABC).

Long Beach boy sells out Kravis Center in West Palm Beach

Billy Crystal that is. He is on tour performing his autobiographical show called “700 Sundays” where he talks about growing up in Long Beach, NY.

Born in Long Beach, N.Y., in 1948, and raised on Long Island, Crystal graduated from New York University with a degree in television and film direction. After a brief stint as a substitute teacher, he gravitated to comedy.

Read the full article @ tcpalm.com –  Billy Crystal sells out Kravis Center with his autobiographical show

It’s a show about his time growing up in Long Beach

“(Billy) Crystal is back performing, this time his Tony Award-winning stage show, “700 Sundays,” about the time spent with his family growing up in Long Beach, N.Y.”

Read the full article: washtimes.com – Thom Loverro: To Crystal, Maris still center stage

The six-city tour kicks off in Washington, then it goes to Philadelphia, Dallas, Palm Beach, Miami, and Atlanta. No tour dates yet for Riverside Boulevard Beach, Long Beach, NY.

Billy Crystal on growing up in Long Beach

“Have fun stormin’ da castle.”

I don’t really know much about Billy Crystal. I have nothing against him; I just think he was before my time. I did enjoy him as Morty The Mime in This Is Spinal Tap and of course Miracle Max in 1987’s The Princess Bride. Beyond those two, I haven’t really seen him in anything else. Maybe some random SNL clips and Soap reruns.

Anyways, the man is a legend. I’ll give him that. He also grew up in Long Beach in which he talks about in his book 700 Sundays.

This September, Billy takes 700 Sundays on stage as a one-act play. So for those who are a fan, or actually know him (it could happen) now is your chance to hear Billy’s take on Long Beach in person. 700 Sundays will be on a six city national tour starting in Washington. I am sure New York will be one of the stops. I’ll post dates as soon as they are released.

New York Times – Billy Crystal Takes ‘700 Sundays’ on the Road

Here is a Billy Crystal tip. Check out the deleted scenes on the This is Spinal Tap DVD. There is a ton of amazing mime footage that didn’t make the cut.

“Mime is Money”