A Reader Asks: Where are the gulls and piping plovers? [Bird Talk]

A reader named Leah Asks:

“Recently moved back to Long Beach after a 30 year absence and noted with much distress the glaring lack of seagulls. Has anything been going on to cause the severe fall in numbers? Walked the entire boardwalk a few times and if I saw a dozen gulls, that was a lot. I’m back in the canals close to the bay and none here as well. Just a bit curious. Also, the little Piping Plovers seem to have disappeared again.”

I asked my resident bird expert (my wife) for some answers and here is what she had to say:

Piping plovers nest in the eastern beaches from Lido Beach Town Park eastward.  They nest from March/April and fledge probably all the way in August, so they’re gone now. Plovers don’t nest in Long Beach – there’s no habitat for them.

There are a lot of gulls, maybe you keep missing them 🙂  The species that are in Long Beach are the followings:

I hope that helps! Maybe somebody else can explain the gulls, but I see them all the time!