Happy 7th Birthday, Seabythecity! [Celebrations are happening all over the city!]

At seven years old, SEABYTHECITY.COM is no longer a bouncing baby blog (still not potty trained, if you go by some of the comments). In light of this grand and monumental event, celebrations are happening all over our civitas ad mare. At City Hall, all eight city council candidates (5 dems, 3 repubs) plan on jumping out of a giant birthday cake, shouting “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SEABYTHECITY!”

birthdaycakejumpThat’s not all. The Long Beach Chamber of Commerce has declared this day SEABYTHECITY MERCHANT HUG DAY. In an effort to spread more love around the business districts, you are encouraged to hug your local merchant. But only hug Chamber members. REPEAT: ONLY HUG CHAMBER MEMBERS.


Long Beach Cinemas will finally show SEABYTHECITY.COM: THE MOVIE on all four screens in 3D. The adult price per ticket will be $2008, in honor of the year this blog started. No senior, child or wacky birthday discounts.Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 9.46.33 AM

doorballoon At the Allegria Hotel, rooms are being fixated with fake SEIZED/NON-PAYMENT OF TAXES  notices to ward off all potential guests, as the entire hotel will be converted for the SEABYTHECITY AFTERHOURS BIRTHDAY BANANZA. Hope you see you all there 😉