Long Beach in Black and White (Friday Photography)

Hey Friday Photography fans.  This week I tried to do something a bit different and go fully black and white.  B&W can really add something to some photos by getting rid of color, so I figured it might be fun to do that to this fair City.  Most of these shots were taken over the last few days from the gorgeous weather of last Saturday, to the stormy seas Tuesday.

Below follows some of my favorite recent Black and White shots, for the rest of the set click here.  You can also take a look at some of the other photo projects I’ve been working on at SuperClearyPhoto. And if you don’t mind – give me a “like” if you… like what I’m doing.

A packed boardwalk in motion


Checking out the lineup

View from the bench


 Make a wish

The boardwalk backyard

Keep Off

Locals launching airs

The start of the West End facing the sea

A very empty boardwalk looking East

A surfboard can also be a skateboard

The Hoffman Manor looking over the break

A classic Long Beach left

Looking West down the boardwalk

For the rest of the set check out the gallery here and remember to “like” SuperClearyPhoto.

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