Guess the boardwalk Light! [It’s Game Wednesday!]

I love the boardwalk lights, but one of them confused the heck out of me this morning. At first I thought it was a bleeding elephant. It wasn’t until I got closer when I realized what it actually was. I asked for some guesses on Instagram and Facebook. Here’s what I got so far:

  • “headless mermaid”
  • “a sleigh sideways”
  • “2 goldfish playing wiffle ball”
  • “Tom Carvel says its Fudgie the Whale”
  • It looks like Snoopy, lol.”
  • “Anthony Eramo’s profile”
  • “Its a ‘phant”

Still don’t know what it is? This might help:

Crabs can stay, but please put away those snowflakes :)

A reader asks:

“Great blog… Any idea why the Christmas lights are still up on the light poles? I’m a Catholic and love Christmas but it is almost March. I guess you can make a case to leave up the beach theme lights, but there are Christmas trees and candy cane lights in the east end. Long Beach is like that lazy neighbor who leaves their lights up all year. Not a good look….

Facebook group Project 11561 just brought this up the other day with the same idea: maybe leave the beach theme lights up, but xmas lights really need to be put away. I’m tired of looking at snowflakes when all I want is spring!  I actually kinda like the idea of the nautical lights being up all year round. Is that crazy?

Are snowflakes and crabs enough to draw people to shop in Long Beach this Holiday Season?

I like the boardwalk lights. I like how our city is extending them to Park Avenue. Beech Street has some nice holiday lights of their own. Yes, this all looks nice and festive, but is it enough to draw people outside of Long Beach to come down here and shop for the holiday season?

Last year I suggested this idea of having a makeshift outdoor skating rink in Kennedy Plaza: charge for skate rentals, skating, hot cocoa, coffee, snacks, have live music, etc.  It would be a completely different vibe than trying to get people to go to our ice arena, which is nowhere near our downtown. This could be so much fun and make Long Beach a winter destination.

Nobody like that idea. Does anybody have any other ones? Does the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce have some tricks up their sleeves?

I know some of you have that ‘no tourist’ attitude, but we do have local businesses who could really use the business.