Concerning the Boardwalk (PART II): Splinters, Nails and Raised Boards

In yesterday’s post concerning the boardwalk & thugs, many of you suggested that the real thug was the boardwalk itself. It comes in the form of splinters, loose nails & raised boards. So what’s going on? How long are we going to have to live with this state of the boardwalk? And is it really that bad?

The new gang fancied themselves as the Boardwalk Party during the last election with the sole purpose of fixing the boardwalk. Here we are 7+ months later and the boardwalk is still a mess. Yes, the repairs HAVE been quicker, so I give them credit for that, but there is no chance in hell we’re going to see an entirely new boardwalk anytime soon. That is, unless the city gets some sort of grant or wins the lottery. Does Long Beach have a rich relative who is on their death bed? Perhaps all what Long Beach needs is a sugar daddy? The point is, our city just has no cash to replace the entire boardwalk. I still don’t understand why they can’t just use a harder wood and screws. Can somebody please explain that to me? Whatever…

There is a positive spin to all this, as Allison in the comments of yesterday’s post puts it:

[quote]The way it is now it’s like speed bumps and I’m ok with that. It’s kind of like my street that’s all gnarled up but somewhat slows down people. The boardwalk should be a slow experience, not high-speed and I do believe that could potentially happen with a new one.[/quote]

I have to admit… I kind of agree. Maybe these imperfections are actually keeping it safer. Half the people who are walking on the boardwalk don’t even realize there is a bike lane there to begin with. Can you imagine how dangerous it would be if cyclists road even faster? And about  those raised nails; flat tires keep our local bike shops in business. Those raised nails are good for our local economy!

HA! So yeah, let’s just use a harder wood with screws and call it a day.

Opinion: No Cement Boardwalk – Reason #103

I’m riding my bike on the boardwalk and enjoying this unusually warm weather. I got my music on, I’m lost in my own world and not really paying attention to anything (something that I am really good at). Right when Joey Ramone sings “baby, I love you” I feel tugs to both my ears as my iPhone falls out of my pocket and slams to the ground.

Nope, no cracked screen. I got lucky, but our wooden boardwalk definitely helped. This isn’t the first time this happened, but I’m almost positive that a cement walkway (it would ‘t be a boardwalk anymore) would of shattered it.

Some may think this is a stupid reason, but I see it as just another example why using cement is stupid. Just think of all the broken smart phones????

Are you listening Boardwalk Party? We voted you in. Don’t disappoint us and ruin our boardwalk!!!


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