Some Boardwalk Bathroom Info

Public Works Commissioner Jim LaCarrubba gave us updates on part 1 of the Phase II: Boardwalk Reconstruction. He said that the funding is from public assistant grant money which will be  reimbursed by FEMA. Feedback for the bathrooms & other amenities came from the public focus group sessions that were conducted by Sustainable LI last summer (read: BOARDWALK PHASE II MEETING – MY EXPERIENCE). Here are the results that the city presented to us last October: BOARDWALK PHASE II COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION RESULTS

Five bathrooms. Three types of bathroom buildings will be constructed on the boardwalk:

  1. Type 1 @ Lincoln blvd. Can be used with concession space, bathroom, outdoor shower on building. Will have benches & hanger to change clothes.
  2. Type 2 @ Riverside, Edwards, Grand . Will be slightly bigger than type 1. It will be set back 15 feet off boardwalk, with shade, tables, concession areas.
  3. Type 3 @National blvd – the center of town. It will have the usual bathrooms, etc. Will house a police booth on boardwalk plus there will be additional space which can be used for recreation, etc.

No showers indoors. Hopefully three will be done quickly. There will be temporary bathrooms in the meantime on the beach.  Constructing buildings on the beach isn’t an option anymore, especially with the Army Corp project coming possibly next fall. FEMA doesn’t want bathrooms on the beach.

Other things happening:

  • There will also be four more bump outs when funding comes in. Locations are at Lindell, Laurelton, Monroe and Franklin. These will provide additional shade and seating.
  • Bike rentals are still coming…. no more info on that for now.
  • Fitness stations are being donated from an outside company and will be up this spring.

Residents are going ape shit over the cost of new boardwalk bathrooms

1546271_834280529951058_5253338656817183705_n8 Million dollars for 5 bathrooms. That is 1.6 Million each and doesn’t even include tampon dispensers!  Funding is being provided through public assistance grant monies from FEMA, but geez, Eight freakin’ Million?

These five bathrooms are going to be constructed on the north side of the boardwalk at Grand, National, Edwards, Riverside & Lincoln Blvds. Based on the boardwalk Phase II meetings, they will mostly likely be built on top of new bump outs, leveled with the boardwalk. Bump outs were a main request at the Phase II meeting by us residents, due to the concern of not interfering with the current boardwalk flow. So yes, we kinda asked for this. I was there and it’s true, thus the high and unexpected price. Perhaps more ipe is driving up the cost? I guess we will find out more details this Tuesday.

If you go on facebook and check out some of the more popular groups such as Project 11561, you will see residents going ape shit over this cost. Please keep in mind, the bathroom image that they posted that looks like an AT-AT from Empire Strikes Back is of Rockaways and is NOT what we are getting.

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Boardwalk Phase II session & survey results tonight @ City Council 7pm

bumpout1Remember those Boardwalk Phase II sessions we talked about back in August? (See –Boardwalk Phase II meeting – My Experience). Tonight we will be getting the results.

Sustainable Long Island will be attending  [tonight’s] City Council Meeting to present the results of the Boardwalk Focus Groups and Online Surveys. The meeting takes place tomorrow (Tuesday, October 7) on the 6th floor of City Hall at 7pm. [LINK]

Any predictions? Here are mine: Besides bathrooms, I am betting my money on three concession/retail areas with seating, a remote police station, public performance area (gazebo) and pergolas for shade.

Chipped Boardwalk Path, Potholes & Broken Curbs [Opinion]

Update regarding the boardwalk chips: I’ve been told by a City official/spokesman that one of the plows had a defective tip on the bottom instead of the rubber ones that are along the edge to keep it from scratching/scraping the surface. The manufacturer is fixing (or has fixed) it at no cost.  Very glad to hear the city is on top of this. 

Running for a few blocks on our boardwalk around Franklin to maybe Monroe you will find a long path of chips and scratches. I was told it was caused by a snow plow. The chips will probably blend in as the wood ages, but still… City workers need to be a little bit more careful when it comes to plowing. Not just this, but all over town you will see crushed curbs and potholes everywhere.  Not only does all this make our town look horrible, but it’s going to cost us taxpayers a fortune to fix.

Just please be a little bit more careful next time.
2014-03-10 16.22.39

How do you feel about Skateboards and/or Rollerblades on the boardwalk? [POLL]

Many of you, I’m sure, have noticed other forms of transportation on the boardwalk these days besides bicycles. No, I don’t mean trucks (haven’t seen one on there yet), I’m talking about skateboards and rollerblades (roller skates, for those who remember life before the 90’s). Both of these fun activities were difficult to achieve on the old boardwalk due to its warped and splintery nature. I don’t even think they were allowed, to be honest. Well, so far this new and improved boardwalk has been like the wild west: While idiots are walking in the bike lane, skateboarders & rollerbladers take advantage of its smooooooooth surface.

We already did a poll about the eventual bike lane situation (I am sure something is coming once  the boardwalk is all built). This time I’m wondering what you folks thought about the skateboards and rollerblades. Again, please note: this is purely for fun. The results of this poll isn’t going to decide what the city does (leave all that up to insurance…).

On the boardwalk, I want
Bicycles only (and no trucks)
Bicycles, Skateboards, Rollerblades (and no trucks)
Bicycles & Skateboards (and no trucks)
Bicycles & Rollerblades (and no trucks)
None of the above, because I don’t want anybody to have fun (but still no trucks)

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You voted for Safety Over Beauty [Bicycles on the Boardwalk]


Two weeks ago, I asked you great seabythecity readers to vote on what you’d like to see on the boardwalk with regard to bike lanes (read – For the bike lane on the new boardwalk, do you want lines, stencils, signs or nothing? [TAKE THE POLL!]While many agreed the new boardwalk looks beautiful the way it is, safety won by a large margin. As of today, 515 people voted (ok, how many of you voted twice??), 264 of you voted for Painted Bike Lanes with Stencils, and commented how signs should be incorporated as well. Like I wrote in the original post, this poll was primarily for fun. I have no idea what the city has in mind, but I am assuming lanes, stencils and signs will be part of the big picture.

I actually voted DO NOTHING, because I got all caught up with the boardwalk beauty, but riding on the boardwalk right now is the the wild west – anything goes. With no lanes, it’s a dangerous situation. Be careful, because many folks are clueless to our Long Beach-boardwalk rules. I actually watched this one lady yell at her family how they are walking on the bike lane – she was standing directly in the middle with her arms wide apart.

Showers at the beach!

Last week when I posted a bunch of photos of the new boardwalk, I mentioned how I didn’t get a snapshot of the new shower that’s at the beach ramp. Well a reader named Suzette was kind enough to take a photo for us!

I love this shower. Very clean, simple & plenty of multi-level spouts. Now who doesn’t love multi-level spouts? I am just loving all the new features this boardwalk has to offer. Everything seems to be an improvement.


For the bike lane on the new boardwalk, do you want lines, stencils, signs or nothing? [TAKE THE POLL!]

I have no idea what the city has in mind for the bike lane on the new boardwalk, but I’ve been reading and hearing comments how some love the way it looks without the painted bike lanes. I’m wondering how most of you feel, so I did this little poll. Are bike lanes even necessary by the way the wood is laid out?? Would signs be enough? Weigh in, vote and give us your opinion on what you would like to see. (Please note: this is purely for fun).

For the bike lane on the new boardwalk, do you want lines, stencils, signs or nothing?
Painted lines with Bike-Stencils (how the old boardwalk was)
Painted lines only
Bike-Stencils only
Signs every so often informing us where the bike lane is.
Do nothing






The New Boardwalk [Photos and Location opened so far]


Magnolia Blvd to Long Beach Blvd (the green on the map above). That’s what’s open so far, as of July 27th, 2013.

Work on the wooden boards appear to be heading westward, which means the section that will open next is between Magnolia and Laurelton Blvds. East of Long Beach Blvd, which is finally getting the wave-break wall, looks to be the part that will be finished last. Estimated time of completion for the full boardwalk is November, but wouldn’t it be swell if it’s all done on October 29th, on the anniversary of destruction? Continue reading “The New Boardwalk [Photos and Location opened so far]”