Brucie’s Bel Aire (Pizza Quest)

Attached to Matteo’s on New York Ave in the West End sits Brucie’s Bel Aire.  They were paid a visit by the pizza fairy yesterday.  My impressions and ranking follows.

The rules of Pizza Quest can be found here.

The Regular Slice

In a word?  Good.  Everything was tasty, but the crust became the biggest issue.  From the first bite on, the crust was not particularly crispy, and if anything, was a bit thick.  Towards the top of the slice this more true and detracted from the overall slice experience.

The Wildcard (Spinach)

It looked oh so good, but I left disappointed.  The spinach itself was oily and heavy.  The crust was excessively thick and bland at the end.


Bottom line, Brucie’s regular slice was good and I’d be happy to have it any day.  That said, I think it suffered from the same doughy crust syndrome that Gino’s did, but Gino’s individual ingredients pushed their slice slightly (ever so) above Brucie’s.  Brucie’s had a lot of interesting things to offer and I look forward to trying more of their pizza in the future.

Because a number means nothing, I think it is all about how each slice compares to the others.  Because of that, I’m using a relative rating system.  As I head out to more establishments, it will become more clear who stands out.

Long Beach Pizza Quest Standings

(Higher on the list is better)

West End Pizza


Brucie’s Bel Aire

East End Pizza