Jake’s Wayback Burgers – West End

When I heard a new burger joint was coming to the West End I was immediately enthralled. If you think about it, besides Panini’s and Bikini’s there really isn’t a place to grab a quick bite that’s not a full on restaurant, bar or straight up deli. Then I found out it was a franchise – my head filled with the Long Beach love of local businesses went “UGH”. But, after my initial dislike I realized I was being a bit silly. Hey, it’s not a McDonalds and it means one less empty storefront. Good for our little town.

I’ll start off by saying that I went on the fourth day they were open and the first two were during Irene’s fury. With that being said, I know it takes a new business some time to get things in order.

The place itself has a good amount of space and looks like what it is – a burger joint – does the trick and plenty of tables. Prices are great. Burger, chips & soda for less than $10. Not bad.

And now for the food…

Overall burger thoughts: I prefer a softer bun ala Five Guys. Theirs has a bit of a crust to it and not the toasty kinda crust, it’s like the I’m not sure if it’s possibly stale crust. The burgers are pretty thin so given the fact that all are made well done, I found it to be a tad dry. No juices flowin’ there. I recommend they cook ‘em a little less. Overall the burger did have good flavor though.

Now let’s dig deeper…

First off was the burger of the month (BBQ Crunch Burger topped with house-made BBQ chips, American cheese and BBQ sauce).  I opted for one burger instead of two and added grilled onions because well, grilled onions are awesome. Also would have added bacon but…wait for it…bacon is not an option! Yep, no option of adding bacon to a burger. Bacon lovers sigh. Oink No!

The house made potato chips are pretty damn tasty. Crunchy & delicious. I may actually just go in there for the chips alone. BBQ sauce again was also a bit dry and there were not BBQ chips on there. They were plain.

Chili Cheese Fries (and fries in general) up next.  Fries were “eh”, kinda soggy, and contrary to what their menu on their website says, I spotted a plate of them under a heat lamp. They are definitely frozen not fresh. Chili was OK and they were pretty stingy on the cheese. Throw some of Swingbelly’s whiz-like nachos cheese on there instead of a bit of shredded, crisp up those fries more and I think I’d be all over that.

A friend of mine had a grilled chicken sandwich which I didn’t get to try but she said it was good and appreciated that there were some healthier options on the menu. Obviously I did not even notice this. Must. Eat. Burger.

Overall thoughts:

It’s not Five Guys flavor-wise, but to give Jake’s a little props, I didn’t leave there feeling like I swallowed a small child.

Everything was decent but could use some improvement all around (except for the chips).

I’ll admit this isn’t a rave review to which I was really hoping to give. I will however revisit to give it a second chance once they get over the newbie status.

Anyone else give it a try? Thoughts?


945 West Beech Street

Long Beach, NY 11561

Phone: (516) 442-3685

Fax: (516) 442-3687

Hours: Monday – Sunday: 10:30 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.