School Board Voting Issue Part II (Sarcasm Ahead) UPDATE

Warning: SARCASM ahead.

What’s the saying, “You can’t make this sh*t up”? The Long Beach School vote is still hanging in the air. First my congratulations to Mr. Mininsky, if anything I’ve learned to spell his name correctly writing it so many times. More to the point I am bursting at my pajama jeans seams that Long Beach Politics continues to entertain and delight, despite the fact that politics should not be at School Board elections.

Darlene Tangney and Gina Guma who tagged teamed Mr. Mininsky are still at a tie. The Patch’s latest report The District Clerk may make the decision. Now who is the district clerk you may ask? Wrong, it is not David Fraser. He is the Long Beach City Clerk.  In my other post I explained that our school voting had nothing to do with the City Council and associated management.

The District Clerk is Carole Butler – Long Beach City School District (NYSLRS Member). Her voice may be the tiebreaker or we could spend 15,000 dollars of the school budget we just passed for another election. Or….wait for it….. We could have our own version of the Hunger Games minus the finality part.

Toss a coin in Kennedy Plaza? First one to Hang Ten wins? Blink and something new happens. Looks like Ms. Butler’s out of the decision department according to the latest update from The Patch:

Now you know why every vote counts.

UPDATE:  Guma caved.