I am killing two birds with one stone here. Quite frankly, the photo below speaks for itself:

C.U.R.B. BIKE RIDE is this Saturday, August 11th @10am. Registration starts @ 8:30am.  Meet at the Long Beach Recreation Center (660 Magnolia Blvd, Long Beach, NY). For more information, read Seashelly’s post on the event: Get Out Your Bikes (Annual C.U.R.B. Ride) or visit www.bike4curb.com.


Please don’t forget to Curb your dog. It’s the law.

Get Out Your Bikes (Annual C.U.R.B. Ride)

The 9th Annual C.U.R.B. Bike Ride,” In Memory of Jim” is on Saturday, August 11th, 2012.

The ride begins at the Long Beach Recreation Center Magnolia Blvd. and The Bay) at 10:00 a.m, Rain or Shine. The ride goes around the City of Long Beach for 11 miles.

C.U.R.B., an acronym for Citizens United to Remove Barriers, is a non-profit organization that offers the physically challenged funds to remove barriers to their own homes by providing money for lumber or supplies for ramps. C.U.R.B. also provides funds to local organizations including the NYS Games for the Physically Challenged and the Long Beach Waterfront Warriors.

The primary goal of C.U.R.B. is to educate the community through awareness of the ongoing needs of the physically challenged.

Jim Conlon, a man who used a wheelchair, founded C.U.R.B.  He discovered he couldn’t get into many of the places he needed to go and was instrumental in working with the City of Long Beach on implementing curb cuts, accessible boardwalk ramps and seeing businesses rid their front entrance of the “One-Step”.

Mr. Conlon passed away a number of years ago. His influence on our community was felt strongly by three 14 year old boys, Billy Papetti, Casey Kantor and Matthew Demerest.  They organized a simple bike ride in the West End to raise awareness and funds about the organization and its mission.

Now in its 9th year the boys have become men and the bike ride has grown as well.

This year DecoBikes will be donating their bicycles for use in the ride.  So there’s no excuse if you’re not a local not to participate. C.U.R.B. is still looking for sponsors for raffles and set-up costs so if you are interested in donating goods and services please email bike4CURB@gmail.com

Visit the site for an application and more information. www.Bike4curb.com

C.U.R.B. would like to acknowledge the City of Long Beach for its continued support of this event.