My love affair with Café Picasso continuous… (Review 2)

Café Picasso
157 E. Park Avenue
Long Beach, NY 11561

Here is my first review from January 24th: Café Picasso (Formerly Mulberry Street Restaurant). To sum it up: I loved the pasta and pizza a lot.


I still can’t speak for the meats or fish, but the pasta at this place is amazing. Pizza was also great the first time I went there, but last night they had no pizza. No explanation why. The waiter just said, “Come back tomorrow for pizza.” That’s ok because I said it once and I’ll say it again: The pasta at this place is amazing. So yeah, I’m not walking out with an empty stomach.

The last time I had Bucatina All’Amatriciana (pancetta , onions, tomato sauce and basil). This time it was Penne all’Arrabiata (spicy marinara, basil sauce) and oh was it spicy. It’s been almost 20 hours later and I still feel the spice burning inside, but I consider that a good thing. I love spice and that burning sensation. To quote Gollum “It burns us!” Yeah, the pasta at Café Picasso is sort of like the ring of power in The Lord of the Rings. My Precious pasta… I wants it… I craves it…. It calls me…..

Last night was Valentines where love was in the air and filling our stomachs. The place was semi-full; definitely more people than the last time, but I am hoping to convince a few you to try it out because I want them to succeed. This time I basically had salad and pasta. That’s it. I was a little tough on the salad in my first review, but it’s actually quite good. It’s just not that fancy or anything. I eat salads everyday for lunch, so I’ve become a salad snob. The Penne all’Arrabiata was freakin’ good, but the Bucatina All’Amatriciana was superior (it must have been that smokey Italian Bacon). Anyways, both are superior to most other places I’ve been to for pasta. Which makes me want to try all their pastas and have a little quest of my own: Café Picasso Pasta Quest. I’m not sure how long this will take me since I don’t go out for fancy meals that much (and I try to watch my weight), but so far here is my ranking:

1) Bucatina All’Amatriciana

2) Penne all’Arrabiata

ahh nevermind. Just try this place. At least once. Order pasta. Give them a chance. They are NOT Mulberry Street Restaurant and they deserve your money.

 (Penne all’Arrabiata with fresh ground pepper all over the place)

Mulberry Street Closes, New Italian Eatery to Come (Extreme Restaurant Makeover)

Mulberry Street Restaurant on Park and Long Beach road, has long been a place I’ve walked by and never gone in.  It seems I’m not the only one, because this week, when I walked by it, it was closed.  On Tuesday, the lights were out, but a sign said Cafe Picasso was coming soon.

Great!  Looks like one Italian restaurant closes, another one opens.  I have no idea if they are going to be doing renovations (I saw no signs of construction or permits) or if this is just a management swap.  Did anyone like Mulberry?  Predictions for Cafe Picasso?

Personally, I think this is a tough town to open another Italian eatery in.  Pizza places, casual Italian, and “classy” Italian are abundant – and all very tasty.  What there’s a dearth of is seafood restaurants – which still makes no sense to me at all, considering this is a “City by the Sea.”