Long Beach City Hall to get face-lift [NEWSDAY]

[quote]Scaffolding has clung to Long Beach City Hall for 2 1/2 years, since a brick fell from the now-54-year-old building’s facade.

The equipment, which city officials and residents have decried as an eyesore, has cost the city $850 per month for about 30 months (roughly $25,500), but officials say it is necessary to prevent another brick from falling and possibly injuring a pedestrian.

…The City Council last month approved a $4.35 million capital project plan that includes about $500,000 to repair the facade. The scaffolding will need to remain until the work is complete, said Jim LaCarrubba, the city’s public works commissioner.


[via Newsday: Long Beach City Hall to get face-lift]


It’s a no brainer to fix city hall. Why keep spending $25,500 every 30 months for scaffolding? It’s such a waste of money. The previous administration did nothing about repairs, even when they supposedly had more funds. Oh, they spent all that $ telling us what a great job they were doing [see –  Election 2011 – The LB CityBeat (A Republican Campaign on your Dime?) Edition].

[quote]The design work is under way, LaCarrubba said. Fixing the facade will involve replacing part of the building’s ventilation system, he said.[/quote]

What design work? Newsday is calling this project a ‘face-lift’. Will it cost all that money ( $500,000) to fix one brick and the ventilation system, or does ‘face-lift’ mean a new look for City Hall as well? Because I have a design suggestion:


Rotating Presidents (Fran Will Step Down. Len Will Step In)

According to the City of Long Beach website, Fran Adelson is stepping down as President of our City Council:

In the interest of openness and transparency, the City Council will be appointing a new President every six months. It is the Council’s intention that Fran Adelson, having just completed her first six months in office as Council President, will be turning over the title to Len Torres. Scott J. Mandel will be stepping in as Vice President. These changes will occur at Thursday night’s meeting (source – Rotating City Council Officers)

I like this idea. Although, I must admit, I don’t exactly know what the duties are of the president compared to the other council members. I know I can look that up, but I’m hoping one of you readers can explain it.

I do like this sharing of power though; let’s give everybody a turn. The real question is: Will City Councilmen Michael Fagen and John McLaughlin be part of the rotation?

Theofan has (allegedly) left the Building

I’m hearing that Charles T. Theofan’s reign as City Manager is officially done as of today. A source has told me that Theofan took his $60,000 check and ran – allegedly because (his own words) “they were asking me to do things I didn’t want to do.”  If true, who “they” are can be left for debate, but I’m sure most of you who have been following Long Beach politics can make a safe assumption who “they” are. The real question is “What didn’t he want to do?” Allegedly.


January 1st Induction Ceremony will be streamed live

For those who can’t get to the induction ceremony due to no bus service, you’re in luck. The ceremony will be streamed live, according to the official City of Long Beach website (see – Induction Ceremony to be streamed live on January 1).

For those of you who CAN drive, walk, jog, run, skip or ride a bike: the ceremony is @ 12pm, 6th floor at City Hall (See Event Details).

Speaking of no bus service… City Hall did the same thing last year. Those who rely on the service, especially the disabled, can’t get around, yet the city has no problem handing out retirement payouts galore. They should have at least provided limited service for those who really need it.

“City Hall” Farmer’s Market update

(Picture credit: Kennedy Plaza Farmer’s Market Facebook Page)

A followup to: The Kennedy Plaza Farmer’s Market extends Winter months indoors.

I just heard back from Bernadette, the manager of the Kennedy Plaza Farmer’s Market. She said that wine is allowed at City Hall for the simple reason that the market is just moving from one city property (Kennedy Plaza) to another (City Hall). Since the market is registered with the NY State Agriculture and Markets, all permits are in order (A List of NY State Markets).

So what vendors will be there? Bernadette says “As far as the line up goes, I don’t want to spoil the fun so, people will have to come down and check it out. I can say that there will be two groups though as we cannot all fit in the Lobby.”

So there you go. Starting December 14th, the Farmers Market will be in the City Hall lobby(1 West Chester Street). Wednesdays only from 10 am to 2pm until February 2012.

Don’t forget to FRIEND the Kennedy Plaza Farmer’s Market on Facebook.

The Kennedy Plaza Farmer’s Market extends Winter months indoors.

Kennedy Plaza Farmer’s Market fans and shoppers rejoiced! This year’s market, which originally was supposed to end November 23rd has extended it’s months to the indoors. Starting Wednesday, December 14th the Market will reopen in the lobby of City Hall (1 West Chester Street). Shall we then call it the City Hall Farmer’s Market?

@ City Hall it will be open Wednesdays only from 10 am to 2pm until February 2012. Don’t forget to FRIEND the Kennedy Plaza Farmer’s Market on Facebook. (My source!)

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A Historical Tour of Long Beach… through ebay.

I did a quick search on ebay for Long Beach, NY and came across these wonderful old postcards. Enjoy!

Ahhh…. The old Long Beach City Hall. The clock tower was supposed to be preserved, but collapsed when the new City Hall was being build.  The New City Hall definitely needs some sort of facelift and I would love to see a new clock tower-  as mentioned in a previous post (see: Mermaids, Neptune, “Save the Clock Tower” & the City Seal).


Different views of Hotel Nassau:

A front view of Hotel Nassau. I could be wrong, but I believe this building still exists; with the bottom and top facade being different of course!

Last, but not least, The Bathing Pavilion – such a cute building with that second floor patio & pergola. Oh, and an Ice Cream shop!  Ahh, the good old days…