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Invasion of the Brookhaven Snatchers

Forewarning….sarcasm ahead.


Now I have to Google Brookhaven.

Apparently our City employees are being replaced slowly by citizens from Brookhaven. I have no idea where Brookhaven is other than it’s somewhere in Suffolk and there’s a National Lab I once got lost in while attempting a U-Turn in the county of potato farms and no sidewalks.

I feel as if Long Beach is the newest site for those pod like things from Body Snatchers.

I’m not sure where my feelings lie as I truly had hope for this New Administration.  Reading The Patch, as entertaining as the comments are, my hopes are dwindling quickly.

I’ll write more after I ponder our City’s political backroom crapola. Off to Google.

The New Gang (2012 Brings Fresh Faces)

(words by Shaun, epic photoshop by Anthony)

City Manager – Jack Schnirman

Coming off a stint managing New York State’s largest township (Brookhaven) as chief deputy supervisor, Schnirman has already handled a budget nearly four times the size as Long Beach.  Schnirman brings impressive academic credentials mixed with a record of successful public sector experience.

City Council President – Fran Adelson

Resident since 1985, she’s been a real estate broker for 24 years, Trustee of the Long Beach Public Library for 10 years, and supporter of the arts in Long Beach, amongst other things.  Adelson won her seat after the tumultuous 2011 election and was appointed as City Council President.

City Council Member – Scott Mandel

Another winner of the 2011 election, Mandel came to Long Beach in 2002 and has a law background.  New to politics, but Mandel has been involved with the City in recent years.

Comptroller  – Jeffrey Nogid

Having already managed $3.5 billion of Nassau County’s enormous debt and then going on to be the Budget Director of Nassau County, Nogid comes with a history of navigating deficits.  He also matches his public sector record with a long stint at the now-defunct Enron.

Acting Police Commissioner –  Lt. Michael Tangney

The long-time Long Beach Police officer was appointed to this temporary position to fill the void left by the abruptly departing Acting Police Commissioner Thomas Sofield Senior.  Tangney is well known in the City and on the force.

Director of Online Communications – Gordon Tepper

Coming on board with the new team Tepper came onboard in 2011, but now is much more active (Thanks Karen for the update).With a background in communications and PR, Tepper is here to professionally manage Long Beach’s online presence, which has been laughable at best in recent years.  With the new administration’s inauguration being streamed online (something the last admin claimed would cost tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars) we’re already seeing results.

Without a doubt the biggest differences between this new administration and the previous are age and their experience.  Schnirman and Mandel are in their 30s, and the rest of the group is hardly much older than that.  Many of these faces are also new to Long Beach politics and have not been part of the political machine that has made LB seem more like Chicago or the Soviet politburo.

I’ve also been pleasantly surprised by the depth of qualifications that many of these people bring to the table.  City Hall now has both the academic credentials (I see an Ivy-leaguer up there, and some Masters thrown in) and public/private-sector experience managing millions that could affect real change.  But raw materials do not equal results.  There have been plenty of eggheads in history who have only made things worse, but for now, let’s hope for the best.

I’ll be updating this in coming months as personnel come and go.

Opinion: But Jack isn’t FROM Long Beach (Outsiders vs. Insiders…FIGHT!)

Ok, here is the third post in a row about new City Manger Jack Schnirman. And with that I coin the phrase “Jack-Trick“.

One of the issues the Boardwalk/Democratic Party ran with during the 2011 election was to hire a City Manager that lives in Long Beach. The person they picked, Jack Schnirman isn’t from Long Beach. No, he isn’t, but he is moving (or has already moved) here. Is that good enough for you? Because it is for me.

I know a lot of you folks (search the comments on this blog) had an issue that former-City Manger Theofan didn’t live in Long Beach. But was your real issue because he wasn’t from Long Beach or the fact that he wasn’t living here during his tenure? I never quite got that. Personally, I do think the City Manger should be living here during their tenure, but I don’t give a crap whether or not they are actually from here. Yep, I said it right here folks: I DON’T GIVE A CRAP. Why? Because this town is riddled with ugly, filthy, dirty and nasty politics: This person knows that person who is related to those people who hired these people that is an intern for those people, blah blah blah. Just from running this blog I hear a lot – stuff that would make you think we live in 1860’s Georgia with tons of backwards, small town politics… allegedly …HA!  To that I say “the more outsiders running our government, the better.”  But they should live here while in office because you never quite get the feel of a place unless you’re embedded in the community. That, I believe in.

When I came here several years ago, one of my neighbors told me “I’ve been living here for 15 years and they [long time residents] still treat me like an outsider because I wasn’t born here.” That stuck with me and it never went away because I’ve encountered that attitude myself. This brings me to my next issue: OUTSIDERS VS. INSIDERS. As an outsider I’ve heard it all:

“I’m a lifetime resident, eight generations in.”
 “I’ve lived here for 60 years”
“I’m one of the last babies born at the LB Medical Center.”

You know what? BIG FUCKING DEAL. I don’t care. What am I supposed to do when I hear that? Dance? Bake a cake? Clap? Why would any of that matter?

Ok… I lost track.

Oh yeah. I really don’t think that has anything to do with “how good you would be running this city.” You are either good or you’re not. Anyways, I do think Jack’s situation is the best of both worlds: Not from here, but living here now. Of course, the man hasn’t done anything yet, but let’s hope he does a good job.

Long Beach City Council Appoints New City Manager (& A little bit about Jack)

The following was provided by the City of Long Beach media relations. Instead of rewriting what they sent me and pretending that it’s mine, I’ll just do a little copy and paste and let you read it yourself. I mean, isn’t that what we all do anyways? Might has well get it from the source instead of reading my rewrite. From the City of Long Beach:

January 3rd, 2012

Long Beach City Council Appoints New City Manager 

Long Beach, NY – At 9am this morning, the Long Beach City Council unanimously voted to appoint Jack Schnirman as the new Long Beach City Manager. Mr. Schnirman (bio and headshot attached) pledged to implement the City Council’s reform agenda of saving taxpayer dollars through efficient, accountable, and accessible government.

City Manager Schnirman will spend his first official day in office meeting the City’s workers, meeting with department heads, observing various agency operations and meeting with constituents throughout the city.

“After an exhaustive search, the City Council had made an informed decision, and we have full confidence in Jack’s abilities, to lead the new administration in the right direction,“ said incoming City Council President Fran Adelson.

City Councilman Len Torres said “The leadership insight we expected to see from Jack is already showing at this early stage. He is thorough in his analysis and we fully support his vision for our future.”

City Councilman Mike Fagen highlighted the fact that Jack is taking a 5% pay cut from the salary that his predecessor received from the City. “This is a gesture that emphasizes the need for fiscal responsibility,” Fagan said.

City Councilman Scott Mandel summarized the group’s thoughts by stating “Jack is an exceptional individual, and we truly look forward to working with him.”

“I’m looking forward to working with the Council and, especially, Jack for the next two years,” said Councilman McLaughlin. “I feel that if we are proactive in our efforts, we can overcome the current fiscal conditions that not only affect Long Beach but the County, State and National government. This can be accomplished if we as a Council and a City give our City Manager the trust and confidence to make the right decisions for our City as we forward toward a brighter future. I would ask that he be given our full support.”

 “The new Long Beach City Council has asked me to focus on implementing their reform agenda, and it starts Day 1 by teaming with the City’s workers to hit the ground running,” said Schnirman.  “We have inherited an urgent fiscal crisis – we can and we must join together to put Long Beach’s finances on the road to recovery.”

Other Day 1 events from City Manager Schnirman’s included Intergovernmental outreach, preparing new cost saving and accountability directives, and touring City facilities.

About Jack Schnirman

Jack Schnirman has most recently been Vice President of Management Consulting at Bowne Management Systems, focused on helping local governments and non-profit organizations improve operations, efficiency, and effectiveness.

 Prior to joining Bowne, he served as Chief Deputy Supervisor in Brookhaven, New York State’slargest Township. He managed a new municipal administration from start-up phase; aggressively executing a plan and agenda. As Transition Director, he was ‘first-in,’ building a transition team, conducting the hiring process, and implementing a roll-out plan to execute a successful leadership change in a government that had been riddled by decades of corruption and mismanagement. As Chief Deputy Supervisor, he supervised the day-to-day operations of approximately 1200 workers across a government whose total budget approached $300 million. He implemented innovative reforms including a 311-style non-emergency hotline which enables constituents to dial one phone number for all town services, and ServiceStat, a nationally recognized performance management and accountability initiative that saved over $2 million dollars in its first term while eliminating waste.

In Brookhaven, Mr. Schnirman and his budget team instituted strict internal spending controls and eliminated $15.3 million in inherited deficits, placed the Town on solid fiscal footing, and insured good bond ratings from Wall Street and lower interest payments for taxpayers.

Previously, he has served in the nonprofit sector as part of the founding team of United Leaders, a fellowship which mobilized young people into public service, as Deputy Press Secretary to US Senator John Kerry, as a member of US Senator Frank Lautenberg’s legislative staff, and as a member of the National Environmental Trust’s media team, attending the UN Climate Change negotiations in Bonn, Germany.

Mr. Schnirman serves as a career advisor to the NYU Wagner School of Public Service’s Fellowship for Emerging Leaders in Public Service. He is also a board member of the New York League of Conservation Voters Long Island Chapter as well as the New Leaders Council, serving as co-chair of the New Leaders Council New York Fellowship’s Curriculum Committee.

Mr. Schnirman holds a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and a BA in International Relations from Tufts University.

Jack is Official (With Video Proof!!)

Jack Schnirman is officially our new City Manager. Click here for the full story.

Please Note: If you’re viewing this on an iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), then you won’t be able to watch the video, unless you’re using one of those Flash-enabled browsers which are available on the itunes APP store. I’ve used a few, but I’m not sure which one works best. Otherwise you’re gonna have to wait until USTREAM dumps the flash, because Apple supporting FLASH is not going to happen.

Long Beach Has a New City Manager (Welcome Aboard!)

After a day of hearing about the City’s latest fiscal mishaps, it comes as great news that a new City Manager has been selected to take over come January 1.

Jack Schnirman comes to Long Beach from the private sector, but before that was Brookhaven’s deputy town supervisor for two years, and held ranks below that since 2005.  He hails from Kings Park High School, has an undergrad degree from Tufts and a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard.  Not too shabby.  I’ll start looking into his resume more thoroughly tomorrow, but from us here at SeabytheCity… Welcome aboard and best of luck!  We look forward to working with you.

You can read his whole bio here

Anybody looking to be our next City Manager? (Long Beach Needs A Mayor!)

The job listing for City Manager. Wouldn’t it be easier if we just elected a mayor? That way we, the people, can hire our next leader and deal with the consequences the way democracy originally intended. (see – Long Beach Needs A Mayor!)

Link: JOB: City Manager, City of Long Beach

This job listing doesn’t say anything about it being required that you have to live in Long Beach. It also doesn’t say anything about needing any experience. Maybe I’ll apply!

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